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Updated 20th March 2020

It's been a tough week for everyone. Here at Travelscoop, we've been dealing with the total collapse of the travel industry as well as two of our team members fighting a Covid-19 infection. Stuart has had mild symptoms, but I was hit harder.I...

Updated 13th March 2020

I usually have never been a fan of travelling in winter, especially to cold destinations. I don’t handle the cold very well, the lack of sunlight can feel debilitating plus the people you tend to meet in the destination seem to equally as miserable as you. In recent years, as I’ve grown older, I’ve started feeling a little less miserable about the cold, I’ve pushed out my comfort zone and experimented with a few winter trips with mixed results. So last year, when I...

12th March 2020

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is worrying to us all. Older people and the medically vulnerable are at most risk of...

Updated 9th March 2020

The short is answer is: very. But don’t let that put you off going. I’ve just come back from the land of fire and...

Updated 13th March 2020

Turkish cuisine is delicious and fresh, and there’s a lot to indulge in during your trip to Turkey. Discover seven...

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