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Win a seven night stay at Dover Castle in Kent for up to six people

Closing date 4th August 2019

Evening Standard

Win a holiday for two to Tuscany

Closing date 31st August 2019

Travel Department

Win a pair of return tickets to Australia with Qantas

Closing date 31st July 2019


Win a magical stay for four at Disneyland Paris

Closing date 31st July 2019


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Taking it slow on the island of Wangerooge

19th July 2019

I get a mixture of reactions from my German friends when I mention the island of Wangerooge. ‘Sounds very Australian to me-are you sure this is in Germany? ’ was the puzzled reaction from one of my well travelled German friends. Some nod their...

10 unique things to do on the island of Dominica

19th July 2019

The Caribbean Island of Dominica is a pretty unique place to visit, this is not the type of island you visit if you want to sit on a beach or lie by a pool all day. Dominica is full of adventure, its full of nature, and the activities in Dominica reflect this. With that being said, Dominica is a very popular stop on Caribbean Cruises. Cruise Boats dock for a day in Dominica from October to April and there can be 2-3 cruise ships at a time. Dominica has a mountainous...

A full travel guide to Dominica – The nature island of the Caribbean

16th July 2019

Dominica, ‘The Nature Island of the Caribbean’, an island with 365 Rivers, 9 Volcanos, 70,000 people and an airport...

Around Rome in 1 day #kidseyeview

Updated 15th July 2019

How kid friendly is Rome? VERY!!! There's loads to do in 1 day. This is my kids-eye-view of the capital city of Italy....

Tasting Camden Market's street food

14th July 2019

Camden Market is one of London's Best Street Food Markets! It has so many food stalls with cuisines from all over the...

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