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Budget Traveller

Kash Bhattacharya is an award winning blogger whose travel philosophy couldn't be closer to our mission here at Travelscoop. Kash is all over social media, but we particularly love his long form blog posts over at BudgetTraveller, packed with money saving tips and great photography.

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Taking it slow on the island of Wangerooge

19th July 2019

I get a mixture of reactions from my German friends when I mention the island of Wangerooge. ‘Sounds very Australian to me-are you sure this is in Germany? ’ was the puzzled reaction from one of my well travelled German friends. Some nod their...

Görlitz - The most beautiful city in Germany you’ve never heard of

5th July 2019

Few cities in Germany divide opinion like Görlitz. It is hard to see why at first glance. During my first few hours of discovering this city, I walk around carrying my jaw in my hands. It was as Tony Revolori claimed, quite possibly the most unexpectedly beautiful city in Germany I had visited in recent years. There are 4000 listed buildings within the city. ( Note: Görlitz was spared of any bombing during WW2 ) To give you some context, Berlin has only 1500 listed...

10 best budget hostels and hotels in Copenhagen

18th June 2019

Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most liveable and also one of its most expensive cities. The Danish capital benefits...

Day trip to Sintra, Portugal’s fairytale city

3rd April 2019

Sintra. I’ve been visiting Lisbon for several years but somehow I never made it to Sintra for some reason. Some...

Winter in Ottawa - what was it like?

21st February 2019

A wrap-up of our 5 day Winter trip to Ottawa- a very long unedited wrap-up of the trip so please bear with us. just...

Foraging for wild mushrooms in Latvia

31st October 2018

Curious to know what it's like to go foraging for wild mushrooms and wild berries in Latvia? Here's a wee video of our recent adventure looking for mushrooms in Latvia ....which includes some cool tips and tricks on how to find them.......

King Kong Rotterdam: One of Europe's finest design hostels

12th April 2017

A look behind the scenes of one of Europe's finest design hostels: Welcome to King Kong Rotterdam.......

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