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5 January 2024 | 3 nights | 2 people

Lapland: Northern lights, dog sledding and icebreaker tour


Breakfast • Flights inc


Lapland: Charming cabin retreat in Sweden with a host of included excursions


Breakfast • Flights inc


Norway & Stockholm: Nordic Fjords & Stockholm's Canals


Breakfast • Flights inc


Save 32%

Stockholm City Break: Breakfast - Award-Winning Hotel


Breakfast • Flights inc


✈ Stockholm: 2, 3, or 4 Nights at a Hotel with Return Flights


Flights inc

Save 20%

Stockholm: Christmas Market Trip


Flights inc


Gothenburg: Activities and Attractions Pass


✈ Stockholm: 2,3, or 4 Nights with Flights


Flights inc

Save 28%

Design-led Stockholm hotel with rooftop terrace



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About Sweden

Natural beauty epitomises this country, with its vast expanses of frozen wasteland, remote little cottages, un-touched forests and mountainous, rock-strewn islands in the north, to fairytale landscape, a-glow in the light of Christmas markets in the south. Lost in its past, with reindeer herders found wandering its shores and Viking lore still very much a part of its daily routine - Sweden combines culture and heritage with impeccable style and truly exceptional cuisine. A genuine wonderland for every kind of tourist

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Books inspired by Sweden

Our hand-picked selection of books to get you in the mood for your Sweden holiday

The Almost Nearly Perfect People

Michael Booth

A well-written and humorous book giving an insight into Scandinavia, its people and the enviably simpler Nordic ways and culture. It covers five countries including Iceland and will have you wanting to move to one of them!

Sweden Blog posts

From the UK's most popular travel bloggers


Skiing in Kläppen Ski Resort, Sweden

13th April 2023 by Globalmouse Travels

We spent a week skiing in Kläppen ski resort in Sweden, with a few days in Stockholm.  It was the perfect combination of city break and skiing. Our days were spent having so much fun in the snow, eating homemade waffles with thick cream and taking in the beautiful Swedish mountain air around Klappen....


Sleeping in The ICE Hotel In Lapland, Sweden

21st April 2021 by Hand Luggage Only

We've wanted to stay in the Ice Hotel (and sleep in a room made entirely of ice) for ages and we finally go to do it at the ICEHOTEL in Lapland, Sweden. Here's what it's like...


21 interesting and fun facts about Sweden

1st March 2021 by Inside the Travel Lab

Looking for some interesting and fun facts about Sweden? Let me help you! Move beyond Abba and the Northern Lights and uncover the bizarre, the unique and the fascinating features of this Nordic nation. Sweden. Somehow it's somewhere I've only managed to visit in the cold. A little cold, in Malmo. And a lot cold in the Arctic Circle, slipping beneath reindeer skins and slipping hot lingonberry juice in the dazzling Ice Hotel. Winter in Sweden involves hotel rooms at a minus 15 when it's minus...


Dishes and products to try on a visit to Sweden

1st December 2020 by PommieTravels

There’s no better way to get to the heart of a country than by breaking bread. We all have diverging interests, but we all have to eat. For many, food is more than just fuel - it’s a cultural experience. Sweden is no different. From waffles to meatballs, the meals mentioned below occupy a special place in the hearts of many Swedes. Let’s discover each of them together....


Perfect day trip from Stockholm: Drottningholm Palace

9th December 2019 by Budget Traveller

After North Sealand Denmark and Falun, Stockholm was the third stop on our UNESCO World Heritage Journeys of Europe roadtrip. It was our first time in the city and to say that we were pretty excited would be an understatement. The first thing that you appreciate about this city is the feeling of being surrounded by water on all sides. I can’t think of a modern capital in Western Europe that has the same feeling of freedom and tranquility. Spread across 14 islands, we discover a city that is a...


Falun: The Swedish town you’ve never heard of that changed the history of the world

4th December 2019 by Budget Traveller

After 7 years I’m heading back to Sweden on a long but pleasant 8 hour train journey from Copenhagen. Our destination? The 31st biggest town in Sweden. Falun. A tiny dot on the map of Sweden, 223 kms northwest of Stockholm, not too far from the border with Norway, Falun is the capital of the ancient medieval Swedish kingdom of Dalarna, referred to as the ‘Swedish dales’ thanks to its scenic hills, valleys and beautiful lakes. Some of the town’s most noteworthy cultural exports are...


Unique luxury experiences in Scandinavia

3rd May 2020 by PommieTravels

Scandinavia is a group of countries located in the northern part of Europe. Travellers can often overlook Finland, Norway, and Sweden because they think there’s nothing more than snow and ice up there. Though that’s true in the winter, the summer months are just as hot as most of the rest of Europe. And, anyway, what’s wrong with a little winter getaway?...

Weather in Sweden

Our month-by-month guide to the weather and climate in Sweden


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