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Books inspired by Finland

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Cover image for The Almost Nearly Perfect People
The Almost Nearly Perfect People

Michael Booth

A well-written and humorous book giving an insight into Scandinavia, its people and the enviably simpler Nordic ways and culture. It covers five countries including Iceland and will have you wanting to move to one of them!

Finland Blog posts

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28th January 2020 by PommieTravels

Why you should visit Lapland

Lapland is a very special corner of the planet. With a strong and peculiar personality, it is the home to Santa Claus, reindeers, Siberian huskies, moose, polar bears, salmon and the Saami people. Their scenarios change completely according to the seasons. It has northern lights in autumn and spring, blue twilight in the winter fort and in summer it is the land of the midnight sun. This region, north of the Arctic Circle, is inhabited by the Lappers and encompasses part of the territories of...


28th January 2020 by Twins that Travel

5 Days in Lapland with Inghams

Fly just three hours north – over the lights of Stockholm and Helsinki – and you’ll find yourself passing over a frontier. Far beneath you, surrounded by snow-burdened boreal forests and icy blue waters, lies Finland’s Arctic Circle: the roof of the world. A precise 66°33′46.3″ north of the equator, this imaginary circle marks our planet’s most northerly point. However, far more than just a geographical boundary – crossing here means passing into another world entirely....


28th January 2020 by Twins that Travel

The best hotels in Saariselkä, Finland

Planning a trip to Finnish Lapland can be an exciting, yet slightly overwhelming, experience. A wild, wintery wilderness featuring more reindeer than people, our first concern was whether hotels even existed in this remote region. With premonitions of (our own) poorly made igloos and icy log cabins, we made the assumption that accommodation here might be – at best – basic. Thankfully, we were proven wrong entirely....


3rd May 2020 by PommieTravels

Unique luxury experiences in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a group of countries located in the northern part of Europe. Travellers can often overlook Finland, Norway, and Sweden because they think there’s nothing more than snow and ice up there. Though that’s true in the winter, the summer months are just as hot as most of the rest of Europe. And, anyway, what’s wrong with a little winter getaway?...