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25 February 2022 | 3 nights | 2 people
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Breathtaking Iceland five-day tour with Northern Lights, Golden Circle & more (save 27%)

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4-nights • November 2021

Iceland, Niagara Falls & NYC escape w/flights & transfers

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Iceland: Land of Ice & Fire

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About Iceland

Marooned at the top of the world in the North Atlantic and with a population of less than 350,000, Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe, yet is still manages to find its way to the top of every bucket list, and for good reason.

From its mighty ice-topped mountains and volcanoes, to its geothermal lagoons, sparkling glaciers and of course its world famous light display, the aurora borealis, Iceland is quite simply breathtaking.

If you didn’t know of its existence, you’d be forgiven for thinking it a make-believe world where mighty beasts roam free and warriors fight for the hands of fair maidens, no wonder then, that its impressive landscapes have been home to global hit TV shows sun as Game of Thrones and films like Star Wars, Thor and Prometheus among others.

Don’t assume that its impressive outdoors is all that Iceland has to offer, however. Live music, literature, art and fine cuisine are just few things that you’ll find when you head indoors.

With average temperatures ranging from well below zero in the winter to low/mid-teens in the summer, this isn’t the go to destination for sun worshippers, but thats not why you head there. The climate does vary across different parts of the island with the south coast typically warmer, windier and wetter than the north.

The majority of Icelandic cuisine revolves around lamb, fish and dairy products with very little use of herbs and spices. Fruit and vegetables are scarce owing to the climate, though more common in recent years with the aid of greenhouses. Þorramatur (a selection of traditional dishes) is a great way to try the local cuisine, but if you;re feeling particularly adventurous, why not go for hákarl (cured shark), singed sheep heads or even Puffin, a local delicacy.

When to visit

If you're planning a holiday in Iceland, our top picks for the best time to travel would be anday


Iceland's nature wakes from its long winter slumber in May. Lush green hills welcome the millions of puffins returning to the island to breed. The whale watching season is also well underway.

Books inspired by Iceland

Our hand-picked selection of books to get you in the mood for your Iceland holiday

The Almost Nearly Perfect People

Michael Booth

A well-written and humorous book giving an insight into Scandinavia, its people and the enviably simpler Nordic ways and culture. It covers five countries including Iceland and will have you wanting to move to one of them!

The Little Book of Tourists in Iceland

Alda Sigmundsdottir

The perfect book to read before visiting Iceland. It explains the enormous boom in tourism and its impacts; tips and hints for navigating the challenges and cultural differences; and - most interesting of all - what Icelanders think about tourism and the tourists who visit them.

The Little Book of the Icelanders

Alda Sigmundsdottir

An insight into the unique Icelandic people with all their quirks. Covers naming conventions, how hot tubs are the equivalent of British pubs, why Icelanders hate commitment, dating and family, and the shower police at swimming pools.

Names for the Sea: Strangers in Iceland

Sarah Moss

A brilliantly-written memoir of a British woman who moved to Reykjavik with her family to teach at the University just after the economic crash. It’s a fascinating look at Icelandic culture as she struggles to fit into the close-knit society.

I Remember You

Yrsa Sigurdardottir

A ghost story set in the Westfjords in the town of Ísafjörður and a remote village in Hornstrandir with two separate but slowly merging storylines. Atmospheric, creepy, and immensely enjoyable!

Fish Can Sing

Halldor Laxness

A humorous coming-of-age novel by Iceland's most revered author. It's about orphan Alfgrimur who spent his childhood in a simple turf cottage with an elderly fisherman and a stream of eccentric house guests. A fascinating insight into a period of extreme change for all Icelanders in the 20th Century.

Iceland Blog posts

From the UK's most popular travel bloggers


17th January 2022 by Emily Luxton

Sky Lagoon, Reykjavik – the hottest new thermal spa in Iceland!

The sun was setting at the end of the world. Golden light diffused through the steam rising off the thermal spa at Sky Lagoon Iceland, as I gazed out at the blanket white of the snowy Reykjavik shoreline. It was hard to tell where lagoon met sea met sky. The steam was so thick in the bitter winter air, and so full of golden light, that all the edges became blurred by that magical, drawn-out winter sunset....


10th January 2022 by Inside the Travel Lab

Your complete Iceland bucket list

When all is said and done, a bucket list is simply an ugly term for a beautiful wish list. What should you put on your Iceland bucket list? What would you love to see, to taste, to feel, to breathe? Here's a round up of the top things to do in Iceland, so that you can start to make your own plans. ...


3rd January 2022 by Emily Luxton

Reykjavik in winter: Everything you need to know

Thinking of visiting Reykjavik in winter? With magical golden hour light and lunchtime sunrises, plenty of quirky indoor attractions, and some gorgeous geothermal spas to warm up in… this time of year is ideal for a frosty getaway in Iceland’s capital! Reykjavik never really struck me as a city break destination – I’ve always thought of it more as a jumping-off point for Iceland’s incredible outdoor attractions....


23rd November 2021 by PommieTravels

3 days in Iceland: Perfect + easy itinerary

Iceland is becoming a popular stopover destination on flights between North America and Europe, with Icelandair offering free stopovers in Iceland en route across the Atlantic. It’s also just a stunning country in general, so even if you’re not flying to Europe it’s well worth a dedicated trip. If you live in New York the flight time is around 5 hours 45 minutes to Reykjavik (so less than the flight to LA) and if you fly from London it’ll take just 3 hours 15 minutes to get there. ...


15th March 2021 by She Get's Around

The weather in Iceland for a January Road trip

There’s no such thing as bad weather for a road trip in Iceland. Ok, maybe there is, but if anywhere is prepared for snow, ice and gale force winds, Iceland is. There is so much to see in Iceland and hiring a car and seeing the country on your own schedule is the best way to see all the secret corners of Iceland. I’ve visited Iceland a number of times and every time there is something new to see, whether it’s a new restaurant to try, a hot spring to take a dip in or mountain to climb....


22nd January 2021 by She Get's Around

The best swimming pools and hot springs in North and West Iceland

Want to know the best Swimming Pools and Hot Springs to visit in North and West Iceland? Look no further! I did the ‘hard’ task of trying many of them out for you. I’ve been to Iceland three times and each time I’ve visited different lagoons. This time last year Olly and I went for 5 days. We visited a number of different swimming pools and hot springs in the North and West of Iceland. Iceland sits on one of the world’s ‘hot spots’ resulting in a lot of geothermal activity. Large...


1st July 2021 by Emma

Cheapest places to holiday in August

Throughout Europe, August is the busiest holiday season of the year. With scorching hot temperatures and summer holidays on everyone’s wish lists, it can also be the most expensive. It pays to keep your eyes open for package deals, in order to book early. The team at Simply Holiday Deals will make it easy for you, by delivering the best ones straight to your inbox.If you can schedule your holiday for later in the month, it’s possible to take advantage of cheaper prices, as the holidays wind...

Weather in Iceland

Our month-by-month guide to the weather and climate in Iceland


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