Paradise is the only word that really does this place justice. You can loose yourself in its sheer beauty, Bali really is a spiritual, tropical heaven.

With its diverse culture exploding out of everything from the showering of flower petals and the temple ceremonies to the traditional singing and dancing that can be found island-wide - everything seems to have spiritual meaning in this stunning setting, so its hard not to loose yourself in its serenity.

At its centre, you'll find dramatic volcanoes and the 10,000 plus temples that scatter the hillside's of the central mountains. At its tallest peak, you'll find Gubung Agung, Bali's spiritual core.

Surf the waves of its beaches in the south or chill out on Nusa Lembongan, keep things family-friendly in Sanur or head fpr the chaos of Kuta, Seminyak and Kerobkan. Feeling lavish, the Bukit Peninsula is the place to be or head for the heart of this incredible place and soak up all its culture in Ubud.

Bali has a fairly consistent temperature all year round that sits between 20°C-33°C and a monsoon season from October to April. While the rain can be an experience in itself, if you want to avoid it, look to travel between May and September (our Summer).

When it comes to its cuisine, steamed rice is the staple with an exotic array of spices used to create incredible flavours in its wide array of meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

A stunning place, a tropical haven, a paradise on earth, what more can i say, this is a must see destination so what are you waiting for, book your next trip now.

Bali climate ℃

When to visit


It's mid wet season but showers come in short, sharp bursts with plenty of tropical sunshine in between. Great for beach bar hopping and sightseeing.


One of the world's most romantic holiday destinations, the richness and vitality of Bali's natural splendours and culture are abundant. Expect tropical showers, sunshine and plenty to see and do


Trade winds from the south-east bring warm water and epic waves, making the paradise island a haven for surfers of all abilities. The sandy tropical beaches of Kuta and the Bukit Peninsula are a must.