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2 week Japan itinerary for your first time in Japan – Osaka to Tokyo

27th April 2019

If you think you can’t travel Japan in just 2 weeks, think again! Thanks to Japan’s fast railway system and the fact that many of the most popular places to visit in Japan are Cities and therefore easy to get to and get around, it is possible to...

16 money saving tips for visiting & travelling around Japan

23rd April 2019

Japan is more expensive Country to visit but I really don’t think that you should let the cost of visiting Japan put you off if you really want to visit. After Backpacking Japan for 2.5 weeks I’d say that Japan is on par in terms of cost as Western Europe including the UK and like anywhere in the world you can make savings in Japan if you are visiting Japan on a budget.Whether you’re in Japan already or planning your Japan trip, here are some money saving ways that you...

Booking an Airbnb is set to become less Japan-easy

Updated 13th June 2018

If, like me, you're a fan of using online home rental company Airbnb, then keep an eye on the current influx of...

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