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8nt Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto w/Mt Fuji & Bullet Train options

Self catering • Flights inc

8-nights • December

Books inspired by Japan

Our hand-picked selection of books to get you in the mood for your Japan holiday

Cover image for Hokkaido Highway Blues: Hitchhiking Japan
Hokkaido Highway Blues: Hitchhiking Japan

Will Ferguson

Follow Ferguson's journey as he becomes (possibly the first) person to take on the daunting task of hitchhiking the length of Japan. Mostly off the beaten track, this is a witty and well-written travelogue, as well as a remarkable feat.

Cover image for Wrong About Japan
Wrong About Japan

Peter Carey

Memoir meets travelogue as author Peter Carey and his son travel the country in search of their own 'real Japan' through a mutual interest in manga and anime.

Cover image for Memoirs of a Geisha
Memoirs of a Geisha

Arthur Golden

The now-classic fictional account of a woman in New York who recounts her life as a peasant girl who was sold as a slave to a Japanese geisha house, and everything that ensued. Epic, mysterious and beautifully written.

Japan Blog posts

From the UK's most popular travel bloggers


25th February 2021 by Inside the Travel Lab

How to get off the beaten path in Japan

Ah, the highlights of Japan. The glistening snowy silhouette of Mount Fuji framed by cherry blossom. The bright lights and big city vibe of Tokyo. The quiet cobbled geisha lanes and temples in Kyoto. There are so many amazing things to do in Japan and must-see places for your itinerary. But if you're a thoughtful and curious traveller (which you probably are if you hang around here) then perhaps you'd like to go further than the standard tourist spots in Japan. To travel deeper. ...


1st March 2021 by Two Monkey's Travel

10 best things to do in Hiroshima

Everybody has heard of Hiroshima, the tragedy that happened during World War II; the bombing. However, the Japanese were resilient, and they rebuilt Hiroshima and has made it what it currently is now. It’s a thriving city with many memorable places and gorgeous sites....


15th February 2021 by Two Monkey's Travel

10 best things to do in Kobe, Japan

Kobe – not Bryant, the person, but Kobe, the city, is located west of Osaka in Japan. It is a port city and the capital of Hyogo Prefecture. Compared to other parts of Japan, this place is quite exotic and charming. So when you come to the country, don’t miss this!...


16th February 2021 by Two Monkey's Travel

5 best things to do in Nara, Japan

Usually, when people have a trip to Kyoto-Osaka, Nara is a place they usually stop for a day. Why? Because of the deer, park, and buildings. Nara Prefecture is a landlocked prefecture in the country and has 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You should spend more time and do things on this list in this part of the country. With rich history, amazing views, and friendly deer, everyone should visit Nara!...


12th February 2021 by Andy

Things to look forward to this winter in Japan

If you're planning a holiday in Japan next winter there are few things you shouldn't forget to put on your list of things to do. There are a lot for you to look forward to when it comes to the tail-end of the year in the Land of the Rising Sun, and it would be a shame to miss out.What are the things you need to remember to look out for once winter rolls into Japan? Here are 4 suggestions you might want to consider:Explore the Many Winter Festivals in the CountryYou will find that Japan is one...


3rd February 2021 by Inside the Travel Lab

The best day trips from Tokyo

With enough energy and an early start, you can climb Mt Fuji in a day. This exhilarating but tough hike remains one of my favourite memories of Japan. Not only is Mt Fuji the highest volcano in Japan but she's an iconic landmark in her own right. On a clear day, from a skyscraper, you can see her outline from Tokyo....


1st March 2021 by Inside the Travel Lab

The ultimate 2 days in Kyoto itinerary

Not sure how to fill a 2 days in Kyoto itinerary? As the cultural capital of Japan, Kyoto is dotted with historical UNESCO World Heritage Sites, charming traditional streets and more! Let guest author Sean Lau show you how to properly tackle this rich city in this two day Kyoto itinerary....