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Japan comes alive in the springtime when the cherry blossom season provides a magical backdrop to its cities. Sunny and mild, Kyoto in bloom is a sight to behold, and Tokyo a futuristic neon cityscape

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12th September 2019 by PommieTravels

Guide to the best Sushi restaurants in Tokyo

If you are traveling to the great city of Tokyo, Japan chances are good you are interested in taking advantage of some of the local fare. The city is full of options and no matter how long your stay you’ll be left hungry for more.  Without question, the most popular cultural Japanese export to nearly every corner of the world is, you guessed it, sushi! While you can absolutely get fantastic sushi in nearly every major city at this point, the Japanese simply do it better. After all,...


16th August 2019 by PommieTravels

10 things to consider while visiting Japan

Japan is a pretty interesting country. Culturally as well as aesthetically, it is much different than the US and other Western countries. That is why; if you’re looking to explore the country which is entirely different than the US, Japan is the perfect option for you. However, when you’re heading over to Japan, it is always important to know a few things. It will make your trip easier. We will today highlight 10 tips to follow during your first Japan trip....


26th July 2019 by PommieTravels

9 essential tips to remember for your first trip to Japan

Planning your first trip to Japan? Here are some essential tips to remember to lessen the culture shock and make the most out of your visit. Japan is becoming not just a hotspot destination for tourists, but also for business travelers. However, due to differences in etiquette, heading to Japan can be quite a culture shock for tourists. Here are nine tips to help make the most out of your trip to Japan....

15th June 2020 by Hand Luggage Only

Fun things to do in Tokyo, Japan

Jet lag is kind of inevitable. It’s intrinsic to the very nature of who we are as human beings. We tend to function on predictable schedules (eat, sleep…etc on a fairly regular schedule) and jet lag essentially involves disrupting this schedule. You can’t control it but what you can do is embrace it and make the most of it. We decided to do just that in Tokyo - with the help of a rather nifty app: Jetlag Social Club. Spoiler alert - It. Was. Brilliant! We partnered with them to test...

5th May 2019 by The Wandering Quinn

Fun areas of Tokyo to visit | Backpacking Japan vlog 7

Tokyo is such a good City and so much of what I thought Japan would be like is what I found in Tokyo. There are so many area's of Tokyo to visit! I started off in Harajuku which I'd say is the best area of Tokyo to visit first as it's so fun and iconic. There's loads of foods to eat including the famous rainbow candy floss, rainbow toasties, animal shaped ice cream, crepes, cheese dogs, bubble tea and much more! From Harajuku I headed towards the neighbourhood of Shibuya which is...


27th April 2019 by The Wandering Quinn

2 week Japan itinerary for your first time in Japan – Osaka to Tokyo

If you think you can’t travel Japan in just 2 weeks, think again! Thanks to Japan’s fast railway system and the fact that many of the most popular places to visit in Japan are Cities and therefore easy to get to and get around, it is possible to see a lot of Japan in just 2 weeks.I visited Japan for 2.5 weeks and the route I did was perfect for my first time in Japan. So I have condensed the best of my trip and the things I learned into this 2 week Japan Itinerary so you can see as much of...


12th December 2018 by PommieTravels

Second time visit to Tokyo

On my first visit to Tokyo I visited tourist sights such as Shibuya Crossing, Ginza and Asakusa, which is home to the famous Sensō-ji temple. I got to explore Asakusa on a rickshaw and even had a go at some Samurai training…which I wasn’t very good at! This time however I got to explore a different side of Tokyo; a side that tourists might not see all so often. It wasn’t a long time in Tokyo, just 24 hours before flying to Kagoshima, but it was enough to get a taste of the real Tokyo....

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