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10 things to know about train travel in China

7th July 2019

I spent 3.5 weeks backpacking around China on an organised tour with The Dragon Trip. During that time we took many trains throughout China to get us from City to City including 3 Overnight Trains and multiple Day Bullet Trains lasting up to 9...

Jeju Islands West and South tour - 1 of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World

7th July 2019

Hiring a car is a popular way to see Jeju Island but being a solo traveller to Jeju, this wasn’t an option for me. Instead I took two day tours of the island - a West Tour and South Tour which showed me so much of the island. Jeju Island in South Korea is one of the new 7 Natural Wonders of the World. It’s a big island, 3 times the size of Seoul and home to 2 cities but it’s also home to some incredible natural beauty. There are many things to do on Jeju Island...

From ancient China in Fujian to modern China in Macau

4th July 2019

Fujian is a province in China that resembles Ancient China. We started off our stay in Fujian by staying overnight in a...

Beijing to Shanghai via Hangzhao & overnight train in China

26th June 2019

From Beijing we took an overnight train to the City of Hangzhao which is not far from Shanghai. I was really happy with...

Camping on the Great Wall of China & Beijing city tour

23rd June 2019

Did you know you can camp on The Great Wall of China?? Well you can with The Dragon Trip and this is exactly what we...

Seeing pandas in China & the Giant Buddha from Chengdu

19th June 2019

Chengdu is home to the Panda Research and Breeding Centre in China. This is one the places I was most looking forward to visiting in China and it did not disappoint. As part of my 25 Day China Loop Tour with The Dragon Trip we stayed at Mrs Panda Hostel which I really enjoyed and on our first morning headed to see the famous Panda’s in China. We got to see Baby Panda’s, Giant Panda’s and even Red Panda’s and it was a truly incredible experience. They really are...

Camping on the Great Wall of China – What it’s like & how you can do it

17th May 2019

‘I know this is horrible now but soon we’ll look back and think how amazing it was!’Visiting The Great Wall of China is on everyone's bucket list right? Especially as it’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World. But did you know that you can...

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