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Exploring the Street Art of Ehrenfeld, Cologne

Updated 27th May 2019

In between a city centre and its nearest day trip neighbour, there’s the districts and boroughs of real people. We pass through on trains as we go from one obvious recommendation to another, or as we get a cab from the airport, but we don’t stop...

Cool hunting in Hamburg, Germany

Updated 24th May 2019

Hamburg is having a moment. After years of living in the shadow of its big brother Berlin, Germany’s second city is becoming THE a weekend break of choice. It has the classic elements of a great trip to Europe: a fascinating history, beautiful architecture, and a couple of gloriously ridiculous tourist traps (l can promise you that spending a couple of hours in the insanity that is Miniatur Wunderland* is absolutely money well spent), but dig just slightly under the...

Return flights to Berlin

30th January 2019

Berlin is a great European city to visit. It has a young, hip vibe, but is also steeped in fascinating history....

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