Cultural familiarity, boutique bistros, rich history, art, cuisine, architecture, wine, sun, sea and sand...the list goes on. From the famous sites and romance that personifies the French capital, to the lush wine regions and down to the coastal towns and cities of the Riviera, France caters to every whim. Lead the jet-setter life in Cannes or Nice while you sip cocktails and people watch to your hearts content. Join the beautiful people, sunning themselves along its southern coastlines, discover the history behind some of the oldest and most world renowned vineyards around Bordeaux, take in the sights in Paris or swat up on your history and pay your respects in the north. On a clear day, standing in the right spot, you can see France from our English shores, so there;s really no excuse not to visit and witness for yourself have diverse a country it really is.

France climate ℃

When to visit


August is a wonderful month to visit France. Sunflower and lavender fields bloom, grapes slowly ripen on the vine and the whole country is basked in glorious golden sunshine.