Charlie, Distracted

Charlie, Distracted

The thing that always jumps out at me about Charlie, Distracted is the images. It's a visual feast! Charlie's excellent use of photography really helps to convey a cool travel vibe and puts the reader right into the action. As one of the UK's more intrepid travellers, the blog is particularly useful resource for those looking to go further on a budget.

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Four alternative things to do around London Bridge

9th August 2019

There are certain tube stops that as a Londoner, you do your best to avoid, especially at the weekends. Piccadilly Circus is as mad as it’s name suggests, Green Park demands a fast pace and headphones on at full blast, and Covent Garden, well…it...

Exploring the Street Art of Ehrenfeld, Cologne

Updated 27th May 2019

In between a city centre and its nearest day trip neighbour, there’s the districts and boroughs of real people. We pass through on trains as we go from one obvious recommendation to another, or as we get a cab from the airport, but we don’t stop to look around. It feels intrusive to walk the streets families go about their every day business; washing out to dry in their front yards, kids curious at who this stranger with a camera is (and rightly so!)....

Three stupidly delicious brunches in Williamsburg, NYC

Updated 28th May 2019

I had no doubt in my mind when planning my first trip to New York that I wanted to stay in Williamsburg. It’s gone...

Cool hunting in Hamburg, Germany

Updated 24th May 2019

Hamburg is having a moment. After years of living in the shadow of its big brother Berlin, Germany’s second city is...

An afternoon’s baking class at Milk Bar, New York

4th January 2019

I’ve never felt comfortable describing myself as a ‘foodie’. People start analysing where you last ate or...

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