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Amsterdam Eindhoven Rotterdam
23 November 2021 | 3 nights | 2 people

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About the Netherlands

Renowned for its meandering canals, picturesque windmills, vast tulip fields and pancake flat landscape, the Netherlands houses a perfect balance between historical tradition and modern innovation.

One of the most common and most popular ways to take in the impressive landscape is with the wind in your hair along one of its 32,000km of cycle paths. Bike rental outlets here are like Starbucks in New York, found on every corner, and cycling is a way of life for more than a quarter of its inhabitants.

Dutch cuisine tends to be quite simple and straightforward, but don't confuse that with not being excellent. These days it's split into three regions with a tendency towards a variety of meats in the northeast, dairy in the west with vegetables and pastry the main contributors in the west.

Rainfall is consistent throughout the year with heavier showers in the summer and autumn. Cool winters and mild summers combine with a relatively high level of humidity and temperature fluctuations not just between the seasons but also between day and night tend to quite small.

A beautiful place to visit whether tasting its simple culinary varieties from one region to the next, or racing into the wind on the back a bicycle, its well worth a visit. Book your next trip now.

Books inspired by Netherlands

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Why the Dutch are Different

Ben Coates

Stranded at Schiphol Airport, author Ben Coates called up a Dutch girl he'd met some months earlier, went for dinner, and stayed for good. He explores the hidden heart of the small but fascinating country. National and social history and travelogue all combine to make a well-written and readable book, perfect for anyone who loves The Netherlands or is thinking of going.

Netherlands Blog posts

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21st January 2021 by PommieTravels

The most amazing things to do in The Hague

The Hague, or Den Haag for the Dutch, is the third largest city in the Netherlands. This charming place, located close to the North Sea and to the seaside resort of Scheveningen, is the political heart of the country. There, the seat of the government can be found as well as many residences that the Royal Family uses regularly and the headquarters of several international organizations, including the International Court of Justice. With its pleasant wide streets, spacious and elegant squares,...


14th January 2021 by PommieTravels

Day trip to Amsterdam: top sights

Amsterdam, one of the most multifaceted cities in the world, is a perfect destination for a day or weekend trip. Its picturesque canals and architecture, unique culture, open-minded citizens, and absolute freedom can’t be found anywhere else around the globe. Take your umbrella or raincoat, get on the bicycle, and let’s explore this one-of-a-kind city!...


4th February 2019 by Emma

Announcing the result of our Eurostar Amsterdam competition

Our latest Eurostar Amsterdam competition closed on the 31st December - a huge thank-you to all who entered! From all the valid entries received, we chose one lucky winner at random. I can now reveal that the lucky recipient of a £250 Eurostar voucher is... Kelvin Thornton. A huge congratulations from the team here at Travelscoop! Let us know how you get on. Keep checking our email newsletters and following our facebook page at for more chances to win, as there's...


10th February 2021 by Inside the Travel Lab

The best (and most unusual) things to do in the Hague

I love the variety of things to do in the Hague. I've visited in summer, winter, spring and even darker winter. I've slept on the beach and I've slept among ambassadors and kings (not with them, you understand. That would be a different article entirely.)...


26th January 2021 by Charlie, Distracted

How to spend 36 hours in Amsterdam

With Eurostar now going directly to Amsterdam from St Pancras, The Netherlands have never been so accessible. When planning what to do in Amsterdam, prep an empty stomach, pick a canal and get walking. Earlier this year, I had the realisation that even though travel = new, it doesn’t always have to be in new places. There’s a good handful of places, especially in Europe, that I have visited when I was younger that I’ve wanted to head back to and get a better appreciation for....


1st March 2021 by Inside the Travel Lab

Things to do in Scheveningen Beach and Kijkduin: Europe’s secret coast

This Dutch spot may have a difficult name but its beauty shines with simplicity. Sand. Dunes. Walking paths, a harbour. Just 15 minutes from the workings of The Hague and you’re there. And via a picturesque tram ride, no less, peppered with important looking embassies and the great Dutch equalizer that is the city-chic transport by bike....


31st January 2021 by Backpacks and Bunkbeds

Sightseeing in Amsterdam without a plan

So Amsterdam, a European capital which welcomes around 7 million visitors a year, and which has so much to see and do … yet I turn up in the Dutch capital having planned almost zilch. Well done me! This is Amsterdam without a plan! It’s very unlike me not to have a plan when travelling. I realise that most other travel blogs you might read will implore you to take you time and travel slow, allow some time for unplanned activities n’all that jazz, but I’m just not cut from that cloth....