While I'm Young

While I'm Young

Dannielle Lily is a VERY well travelled 20-something from the Isle of Man. Her blog, While I'm Young is primarily aimed at young female (often solo) travellers, although her future husband is a frequent travel companion. Dannielle was awarded Travel Influencer of the Year 2018 - a well deserved trophy. We can't recommend her blog highly enough!

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The best things to do In Seminyak, Bali: Luxury on a budget

12th June 2019

As much as I’d love to, I can’t go everywhere. So in the interest of making While I’m Young even more useful, I’ve invited some other great travel bloggers to write posts about their special places on this website. Here, Chantell from Travel...

Best places to eat in Douglas, Isle of Man

5th June 2019

The Isle of Man’s gastronomy might not be what attracts visitors to the island but I don’t think any visit to the land of my birth is complete without sampling the local produce. As the first island nation to be named as an UNESCO biosphere region, the Isle of Man is a special place where the small population coexist with the natural landscape in perfect harmony. This strong relationship between (wo)Mann and nature has given rise to a thriving local food scene, an...

Where to eat in Tenerife (and what to order)

Updated 29th May 2019

Its popularity with British holidaymakers might fool you into thinking Tenerife’s gastronomy extends only as far as...

23 unique things to do in Tenerife (beyond your hotel)

Updated 28th May 2019

Holidays to Tenerife have been popular amongst us Brits for decades but not everyone who visits the island strays from...

27 reasons to visit Warsaw for your next city break

Updated 28th May 2019

I have to admit that Poland’s capital had never been high on my list of places to visit. I booked flights on a whim...

The best bars in Warsaw, Poland: A drinker’s guide

Updated 28th May 2019

I was recently in Warsaw for a long weekend with my fiancé and I won’t lie, we spent most of our time in the city’s many watering holes. The city has tons of attractions, which I covered in my guide to what to do with three days in Warsaw, but what got us excited were how much fun the bars in Warsaw were! Based on my findings during my very serious research (I’m now on a detox until 2026), I thought I’d put together a little guide to where to drink in Warsaw, in...

Three days in Warsaw: A complete itinerary

Updated 28th May 2019

I recently spent three days in Warsaw and I’ve come back filled with an enthusiasm for the destination that I wasn’t expecting. I hadn’t heard too much online hype about Poland’s capital before my trip, but cheap flights lured me to book a...

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