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Guide to: Booking a Christmas market trip

Updated 12th September 2018

It's Chriiiiiiiiiiistmmaaaaaaaaasss!! Well, no actually, it isn't. But if you could see my inbox - full up with countless snowy and festive wintery travel deals - you'd definitely think it was close. September is clearly the month for change: hazy...

Guide to: Booking a Christmas market break

Updated 12th September 2018

With late summer daylight beginning to lose its battle with encroaching autumnal darkness, thoughts inevitably begin to turn to the ā€œCā€ word. Yep, Christmas is fast approaching and, love it or loathe it, it eventually claims us all! While many people look to escape in search of some much-needed winter sun, more and more are attempting to kick-start a full-on festive feeling by booking a Christmas market break. But with more Christmas markets popping up in so many...

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