Rachel Nicole

Rachel Nicole

Rachel is one of our favourite UK travel bloggers. She has a charming down to earth style that gives her posts that all important genuine quality. Perhaps it has something to do with her Yorkshire roots! Rachel covers fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle on her blog, but we focus on her travel posts here.

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Visiting famous movie & TV locations around London

29th May 2019

There has been countless movies and TV show filmed in and around London. Some of which, are pretty iconic and one of my favourite things to do is visit different locations. Simply Acadamy has put together a little infographic for me to share with...

4 musts on a trip to Manchester

Updated 29th May 2019

As one of the most high-profile urban areas in the UK outside of London, Manchester naturally has a lot to offer. There are famous bars, there’s a wide range of live music hot spots, there are unique places for date nights out, and plenty more. But sometimes, when you visit a city, you want to hit the highlights. Particularly if you only have limited time, you may want to spend it experiencing the must-see attractions, rather than wandering about in search of the perfect...

Four days in Budapest: My travel diary

24th May 2019

I’m so excited to get started with some blog posts on my recent trip. If you’ve been following me on Instagram...

How to spend a day In Vienna with Marco Polo Guides

24th May 2019

Vienna was the second destination on our little multi-city trip that we took last month. We actually stayed in...

Six destinations to consider for family beach holiday

23rd May 2019

As we are moving into the Summer months, where to go on holiday is something playing on many people’s minds. There...

Six places to eat and drink in Budapest

23rd May 2019

After my giant Budapest Travel Diary post, I thought I’d better divulge in all things Food and Drink from the trip. As we usually do on most trips (and just generally in life), we spent a lot of the time eating and drinking. I think I mentioned in my previous post that we did expect Budapest to be a little cheaper but we were going to some quite nice places. I’m going to try and include prices in this post as much as possible but the Hungarian Forint is quite hard to get...

Four places to visit in London for a relaxing afternoon

23rd May 2019

Relaxing and London isn’t two words you would usually put together. However, it is possible to chill out and relax amongst all the hustle and bustle of the capital city. After a couple of days in London, I usually find myself needing a few days to...

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