Sri Lanka

Paradise without the price tag, you'll find miles of white sandy beaches, ancient ruins, incredible food and of course their infamous tea. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country filled with beautiful, friendly people and the best bit, its super cheap so affordable for everyone.

As yet relatively unspoilt by tourism, this hidden gem sits between the well trodden paths of India and South East Asia but is often overlooked. Its that little piece of the globe where everyone hasn't been, but all that's changing.

With 8 World Heritage sites to chose from inside its narrow boarders, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding what to put in your itinerary. The good news, is that all of them are easily accessible so visit Anuradhapura, the site of the oldest human-planted tree on the planet, in the morning, visit a two thousand year old temple at lunchtime, then watch as hundreds of elephants gather to drink in the afternoon.

Sri Lanka is still pretty uncrowded so it's a great time to visit and see all it's hidden gems the way they were supposed to be seen. At the beaches you'll find relatively undiscovered, yet still world-class dive sites just without the crowds, making them truly magical underwater kingdoms waiting to be explored.

Look beyond the stunning coastlines of this idyllic place and discover acres of tea plantations hidden amongst rain-forested peaks, perfect for explorers and hikers or marvel at them from windows of train carriages if you want the sites without the sweat.

Average high's in the late 20's and early 30's mean the sun is always shining and the monsoons tend to focus in the northeast so stick to the southwest to minimise the downpours.

Stunningly beautiful, pleasantly uncrowded and relatively cheap for paradise, this is one place that really needs to be seen to be believed. Book your next trip now.

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