Airbnb hosts welcome 45 million travellers this summer

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Airbnb hosts welcome 45 million travellers this summer

Airbnb have had a sizzling summer. I used Airbnb extensively during a summer jaunt across California, but I wasn’t alone - so did 45 million other people. On one single August day alone (12 August) 2.6 million people checked in to an Airbnb property. Wowzers.

The growth of Airbnb has been phenomenal. Seven years ago, 47,000 people checked in to Airbnb properties during the summer. Just three years ago that number had increased to 17 million. That’s a hockey stick curve of exponential growth right there.

So where were these 47 million people coming from, and where were they going? The biggest growth markets for Airbnb were in Asia, particularly Chinese cities that saw percentage increases in the hundreds. Also, huge numbers of people travelled to oceanside enclaves in destinations such as Brazil and New Zealand. Annual favourites continued to boom, including Florida, Spain and France.

If you haven’t jumped on the Airbnb wagon yet I highly recommend you check them out. Read my beginners guide and get a decent credit towards your first stay.

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on 26th September 2017