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Bangkok: Relaxation in a paradise setting with optional Bangkok stopover


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About Bangkok

Where else in the world would you find stunning golden buddhist temples next to sleazy neon-glazed strip bars, busy street food carts overlooked by empty high-end restaurants, super-malls neighbouring ancient monuments and grid-locked traffic, overtaken by long-tail boats? These contradictions are what make Bangkok so unique and so special.

Visit Bangkok and you'll see a bustling city in a modern city-scape. A global business and banking centre with all the modern amenities and luxuries that you could possibly ask for. But there's another Bangkok, one you don't have to look too hard to find, but one that will sweep you off your feet and take you on a mouth-watering, eye opening and sometimes shocking roller-coaster. It will thrill you, surprise you, seduce and disgust you, and when it finally spits you out, you'll be left wondering what the hell just happened, but thats just a minuscule fraction of whats in store when you book your trip here.

Three seasons exist in Thailand, hot, rainy and cool, though don't be fooled, it's pretty hot year round with average low's ranging from 22°C-26°C and high's from 32°C-35°C (not sure exactly what part of that you'd describe as "the cool season"). When it rains, it pours in Thailand with the rainy season lasting from mid-May until October, but flash storms occur throughout the year. Don't be put off, this is just another part of it's charm and well worth witnessing first hand.

Food in Thailand and particularly in Bangkok is something else. Practically a tourist destination themselves, the food carts that line the streets of the city offer a truly authentic taste of Thailand.

Bangkok's varied entertainment, ranging from eating, drinking and dancing to the fierce mayhem of Thai boxing, through trendy clubs and bars playing the latest tunes, to the tourist-only sex bars of the Patpong district, a mysterious, seedy, dark, yet wildely fascinating underbelly that’s the tip of an intoxicating cultural iceberg.

There's quite literally so much to do and see in Bangkok, from the aforementioned red-light district of Patpong to haggling for junk at street markets in districts such as Banglamphu and Chinatown. Not for you? Visit the impressive Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, lively and ostentatious Wat Pho or the National Museum’s collection of art. What are you waiting for? Book your trip now.

Books inspired by Bangkok

Our hand-picked selection of books to get you in the mood for your Bangkok holiday

Bangkok Days

Lawrence Osborne

A visit to Bangkok for its affordable dentistry becomes an extended stay when the author realises he can live on just a few dollars a day. A humorous insight into the Thai capital, digging beneath the surface of its hidden depths and contradictions and revealing it in all its glorious quirkiness.

The Windup Girl

Paolo Bacigalupi

Inventive and engaging dystopian novel set in a near-future Bangkok after the impact of climate change and the end of fossil fuels. Brilliantly written, it paints an unnervingly believable future and flavour of the city.

Bangkok Blog posts

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7th September 2023 by Birds and Lilies

Bangkok, the lively capital city of Thailand, presents a captivating fusion of cultural heritage, contemporary allure, and gastronomic wonders. If you are planning a weekend escape to this bustling metropolis, you'll undoubtedly seek a whirlwind of experiences that cater to diverse interests. Whether you're keen on exploring historic temples in the old city or embarking on street food escapades, this informative article unveils four fantastic activities to maximize your weekend getaway....


Is Bangkok Worth Visiting? 10 Reasons Why to Visit Bangkok

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Planning a trip to Southeast Asia? Bangkok is the entry point for many, but is it worth visiting? With more flights available, many may be tempted to bypass the Thai capital and head straight to the beaches of the... However, Bangkok has much to offer and here are 10 reasons why it should be included in your itinerary....


Bangkok vs Chiang Mai | Everything You Need to Know

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Choosing between Bangkok and Chiang Mai can be a difficult decision for those looking to experience the true culture of Thailand. This country has become one of our favourite destinations in South East Asia, and we have visited four times and are already planning to return. During our travels, we have been able to explore the country's rich culture, ancient temples, and stunning beaches. Both cities offer a unique experience, so it is important to consider what you want to get out of your trip...


One Day Bangkok Itinerary: The Perfect Guide to 24 Hours in Bangkok

16th January 2023 by Italian Trip Abroad

Exploring Bangkok was a great experience, and although we spent a considerable amount of time in the Thai capital, it was enough to create the ideal guide. This comprehensive one day itinerary for Bangkok is designed to not overwhelm visitors, allowing them to move from place to place without feeling rushed. Whether you are spending a layover in Bangkok and want to make the most of it, or you have a full day to explore the city, this guide will help you make the most of your time....


My Review of the TagThai Bangkok Day Pass, Thailand

5th January 2023 by TravelDave

Bangkok Day Pass is incredibly reasonable, and it allows you to explore the city with ease. Unlocking the pass is simple, just use the TAGTHAi app. With the pass, you can enjoy unlimited rides on the BTS Skytrain, MRT Subway, and Airport Rail Link. You can also get discounts on attractions and restaurants. All in all, the Bangkok Day Pass is a great value for money option for travellers visiting Thailand....


25 most Instagrammable places in Bangkok

20th December 2022 by Italian Trip Abroad

From the exact moment we landed in Thailand, we were already in love with Bangkok. This vibrant, chaotic and photogenic city will inspire your creativity. We wrote this guide to make it easy to find the most instagrammable places in Bangkok. Many travellers dislike it because vast, chaotic, and sketchy. The fabulous country capital features some of Thailand’s most famous temples and incredible markets. You will find inspiring instagrammable spots in Bangkok worth visiting just by walking...


First time in Bangkok? Here are some of my favourite things to do

13th April 2022 by Budget Traveller

If you’ve ever made the mistake of riding an airport taxi, ambling along the highway at snail’s pace towards Bangkok City Centre and have been nearly scammed by the taxi driver who refuses to use the meter, chances are that your first impressions of visiting Bangkok won’t be the most favourable. When I arrived at my hostel, breathless and a few extra grey hairs later, I was ready to call it a day. After picking up a few tips from the locals about how to navigate the city, places to avoid...

Weather in Bangkok

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