From the Turkish Cypriot north to the Greek Cypriot south, this sun-scorched island with miles of white sandy shoreline hides a fascinating and rich history, soaked in ancient myth and legend.

With its Mediterranean climate, Cyprus offers an outdoor paradise to suit the needs of all kinds of traveller, from the bustling family beaches to the more secluded bays waiting to be discovered, hikes through endless vineyards right up into the mountains where there's even skiing on occasion.

Scattered across its beautiful landscape are remnants of ancient history from the Neolithic period and the bronze age, right up through the Roman and Ottoman empires, from mountain strongholds to Byzantine churches, you don't have to dig deep to find a plethora of hidden cultural and historical gems.

When it comes to the culinary arts, Meze is the order of the day in Cyprus and a fantastic way to try all that this Mediterranean island has to offer from rich, creamy hummus, stuffed vine leaves, salty haloumi and juicy kebabs to sweet sticky baklava, the influences of Turkey, Greece and the Middle East are plain to see all through this fabulous food.

With one of the warmest climates in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is a fantastic place to visit all year round. Split into two seasons with 8 months of summer and 4 of winter, temperatures rarely drop below 20°C during the day and rainfall is scarce.

A fantastic place to visit all year round, but particularly good for a bit of late summer/early winter sun without having to travel too far, you really need to boo your next trip now.

Cyprus climate ℃

When to visit


Ancient ruins and frescoed churches for the adults and beaches with milder sea temperatures and outdoor activities for the kids, Cyprus in spring is less busy and warm without being too hot.


A Mediterranean island with a middle-eastern climate, October is a perfect month for a Cyprus beach holiday, or for explore its stunning interior of vineyards, hillside villages and quiet tavernas.