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Dubrovnik Pula Split Zadar Zagreb
27 June 2022 | 7 nights | 2 people
5-night all-inc Croatia island holiday with flights

Half-board • Flights inc

5-nights • October

4.5* Croatia week

All-inclusive • Flights inc

7-nights • May

Croatia: deluxe week w/breakfast & flts in July

Breakfast • Flights inc

7-nights • July

Croatia: deluxe all-inc week w/flights

All-inclusive • Flights inc

7-nights • October

Croatia: deluxe all-inc week w/flights, save 33%

All-inclusive • Flights inc

7-nights • June

Croatia: LUX* all-inc week w/flights

All-inclusive • Flights inc

7-nights • October

4* Dubrovnik, Croatia: All-Inclusive Hotel

All-inclusive • Flights inc

About Croatia

Whether you're after the glamorous, jet-setter experience found on the island of Hvar, or a simple, all-inclusive package holiday, lazing about on sun-soaked beaches along the Dalmatian coast. Whether it's a city break in the capital, Zagreb, to absorb the countries rich and varied culture or a luxury hotel stay in Istria or the Makarska Riviera, Croatia has a huge selection on offer to cater to the tastes of even the fussiest of traveler.

When to visit

If you're planning a holiday in Croatia, our top picks for the best time to travel would be June and August


One of Europe's sunniest spots with up to 13 hours of daily sunshine. It's "shoulder-season" meaning ideal for sea swimming and outdoor activities with few crowds. And just a couple of hours by plane!


If you like hot temperatures and a lively atmosphere there's no better time to experience Croatia. August here is all about lazy beach days, boat trips, dinner on the terrace and parties

Things to do in Croatia

Croatia Blog posts

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18th May 2022 by Italian Trip Abroad

The ultimate guide to the best Dubrovnik Instagram spots

Thinking about Croatia, for sure Dubrovnik will come to your mind. After exploring this beautiful country from north to south, we decided to put together a list of the best Dubrovnik Instagram Spots. From the iconic Mount Srd to the little narrow streets of the Old Town, this guide will walk you through the best photo spots in Dubrovnik. ...


14th February 2022 by Inside the Travel Lab

The best Croatian islands for sailing trips

While many people think of the Mediterranean as a typical holiday destination, people often overlook Croatia. Instead, they often opt for Italy, Spain, France and Greece. However, it's time to broaden your horizons and consider the shimmering Dalmatian coast for this year. To help you out, we've produced this guide to the best Croatian islands for sailing holidays to help you work out where to go and why. ...


7th February 2022 by The Scrapbook of Life

9 very best things to do in Zadar, Croatia

A historic port and peninsula city, Zadar is located on the Adriatic Sea and is one of the most walkable cities in Europe. Perhaps lesser known and more sedate than Dubrovnik and Split, Zadar is home to a unique Romanesque old town, much of which is pedestrianised. A maze of quaint lanes, narrow streets and sociable squares, Zadar is a marble-paved city where the old remnants of the Roman era charmingly intertwine with modern Dalmatian life. One of the best summer city break destinations in...


29th November 2021 by Two Monkey's Travel

10 best things to do in Zadar, Croatia

Popularly known for its Roman and Venetian ruins, Zadar is a really beautiful city in Croatia that deserves to be visited both for its sea, which is really top, and for its monuments. You will find several Venetian gates in its city walls. Visit the Roman Forum to experience the greatest history of Zadar and see most of the century-old buildings. Read more below as we listed down some of the places you can visit and things to do in Zadar....


9th November 2021 by Two Monkey's Travel

5 best things to do in Lopud, Croatia

Lopud island is a small Croatian island off the coast of Dalmatia. It is also considered the most economically developed among all other Elaphiti Islands. Since Lopud is small in size, it is a popular day-trip destination from Dubrovnik. You can literally explore the island in a whole day, but no worries as you can still enjoy your time here even if it’s just for a short moment. See some of the places you can visit in Lopud in this short guide....


1st October 2021 by Two Monkey's Travel

5 best things to do in Lastovo, Croatia and where to stay

Found in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Lastovo is an island in Croatia. Most of the inhabitants of this island are ethnic Croats. Because of its small size, you don’t need to spend days discovering the beauty of it, unless you enjoy water activities such as swimming, diving, or snorkeling, then you’ll probably end up spending your whole day here. See more of the things you can do in Lastovo in this short guide we made....


13th September 2021 by Two Monkey's Travel

5 best things to do in Varazdin, Croatia

Varazdin is a small Croatian baroque city located in northern Croatia. The city’s baroque and rococo architecture makes it a wonderful place to stop or stay when you are in the country, especially if you’re coming from Zagreb. Although it might be the most underrated city in Croatia, Varazdin is actually a city that will offer you a glimpse of Croatian history and amazing architecture. Discover more about Varazdin in this short guide....