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Cheapest places to holiday in September

If you’re planning a holiday for September, you’re in luck! It’s one of the best months of the year to travel, with mild weather in many of the world’s top locations and far fewer tourists to contend with for a spot on the sand. Best of all, you’ll see prices drop for accommodation, flights and even food, as the summer crowds leave to return home.

Here’s a look at our top September destinations, so keep your eyes peeled for fantastic discounts on Travelscoop and pick your favourite one!

Beach Holidays

Without the scorching hot temperatures, a beach holiday in September couldn’t get any better, especially in the Mediterranean. Resorts drop their prices and long stretches of white sand are peaceful in the absence of summer tourists.

Mallorca, Balearic Islands

A Mediterranean holiday on the island of Mallorca is incredible at any time of year, but September especially hits the mark. With its reputation for adventure travel, the milder weather means that hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains and cycling through villages is pleasant and easy. Of course, Mallorca’s sun-kissed beaches are always calling on a visit to the island and this month they’re blessedly free of the summer tourist rush. Explore the Dragon Caves, tour the gothic Palma Cathedral and take a day trip to neighbouring islands, on your Mallorca beach break.

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Corsica, France

With diverse landscapes and glittering seas, millions of tourists visit Corsica every year to indulge in the mild climate and cultural treasures. The island’s half-moon bays, white sand and transparent water are at their best in September and you can explore the interior mountains and gorges in comfort. Snorkelling, diving, boating and windsurfing are prime options for water-lovers, coastal drives over winding mountain roads are the perfect way to explore and your tastebuds will love the rich cuisine with French and Italian influences.

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Sicily, Italy

If you love history, Sicily is the September holiday spot for you. With some of the world’s best-preserved Byzantine mosaics, Greek temples, cathedrals and Roman amphitheatres, exploration of the island’s past is a fascinating part of any trip. Top this with lush vegetation, mild weather, rich marine life and unique cuisine and most tourists find it hard to say goodbye to the intriguing culture. Don’t miss feasting your eyes on Mt. Etna, visiting the resort of Taormina, exploring the ruins of the Valley of the Temples and discovering the historical sights of Palermo.

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City Breaks

It can be tough exploring cities on foot during the summer months, so some of the busiest hotspots are best visited in the cooler weather of September. Prices are slightly cheaper for hotels and flights, plus, the lines won’t be as long at all the most popular attractions.

Venice, Italy

In September, the narrow cobbled alleys of Venice are much easier to navigate, without the onslaught of summer tourists. A bucket-list destination that everyone should see at least once in a lifetime, Venice imbues romance and crumbling history like no other place on the globe. You can spend days wandering through piazzas, gazing at majestic palaces, shopping the stalls and crossing charming canals into every-more intriguing districts. The best thing to do in Venice is get wonderfully lost as you discover the architectural wonders, arts, crafts and mysterious canals.

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Madrid, Spain

Near perfect temperatures in Madrid make September one of the best times to explore the Spanish capital. Madrid is a city of endless celebration, with art, music, dining and festivals creating a non-stop atmosphere of fun. Descend on the Plaza Mayor to people watch, discover the history of museum row, stroll through the Retiro Gardens and feast on tapas before partying with the locals in vibrant districts, until the sun comes up.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik’s sublime located, overlooking the deep blue waters of the Adriatic, means the city is often swamped by tourists. September, however, is one of the better times to visit, with cafes, shops and attractions still open, but fewer people to contend with for the best vantage spots. The pedestrian-only old town is full of Baroque churches and palaces within the city’s medieval fortifications. When it’s time for a dip, the pristine beaches await, with adventure sports and seafood restaurants on offer.

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Long-Haul Holidays

You’re spoilt for choice for long-haul holidays in September, with mild temperatures in an array of exotic destinations. As many countries see the end of the summer holiday season, you’re also likely to get some fantastic travel deals, so your long-haul adventure is an affordable option.

Maldives, Indian Ocean

A trip to the Maldives is what tropical island dreams are made of. Swaying palm trees, impossibly white sand and pristine waters complete the picture-perfect scene. While it’s a year-round destination with regard to temperature, September is in the wet season, which usually only means afternoon showers and gives you the benefit of tumbling prices. Made up of 26 coral atolls, the Maldives are littered with incredible resorts, where you can relax in over-water villas, dine at buffets of fresh food and enjoy water sports, day trips and evening entertainment.

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Beijing, China

China’s sprawling capital is made up of vibrant neighbourhoods and districts that literally explode with colour. While the city is always busy, September sees the crowds thin out somewhat and temperatures are mild for exploring the streets. Discover the intriguing history of the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, shop at interesting local markets and glamourous malls and try the exotic cuisine that’s been so influential on the world’s dining scene.

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San Francisco, USA

September is a fantastic time to visit the USA, as the holiday season has ended but mild temperatures still remain. San Francisco is on many travel bucket lists, as the home of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and the glorious hippy era. Stroll around Fisherman’s Wharf to sample fine seafood, hang out with the locals at Union Square, explore the California Academy of Sciences and enjoy the exquisite dining, arts and cultural scene.

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If near-perfect temperatures and fewer crowds are high on your holiday wish list, September is the month for you to travel. The team at Travelscoop has you covered with advance and last-minute deals, so you can fulfil your getaway dreams.

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