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Exploring The Best Of Australia’s East Coast

9th October 2023 by Fly Drive Explore

Australia is an immense country, boasting the title of the planet's largest island and sixth-largest country. With its vast expanse, there is an abundance of things to discover, explore, and experience here. While we have previously discussed traversing the heart of Australia, our adventures have taken us even further. The eastern coast alone spans over 2,500 miles, stretching from the lively city of Sydney in the south to the tropical paradise of Cairns in Queensland's north. This journey...


16 best things to do on the East Coast of Australia

21st October 2022 by PommieTravels

My first ever solo trip was to Australia and it turned out to be such a life changing experience with so many great moments I’ll never forget. I was feeling a bit nervous on the flight but as soon as I landed, all my fears melted away. Australia is very well set up for backpacking with plenty of awesome hostels, cheap backpacker bars and hop on hop off buses that make it easy to get around. Since the country has a great Working Holiday Visa program, it’s especially popular with Gap Year...


7 tours perfect for solo travellers in Sydney

28th June 2023 by Two Monkey's Travel

Sydney, Australia is an ideal city for traveling solo. We love the freedom and liberation that comes with traveling without a plus one; however, there are times when joining a group just makes sense.Nevertheless, the last thing you want as a solo traveler is to be lumped with a crowd that has already bonded. That’s why we’ve compiled our top tours perfect for solo travelers in Sydney....


Cheapest places to holiday in December

12th February 2021 by Andy

December kicks off the global festive season, so it’s the perfect time to pack up and go on an adventure. You get the best of weather extremes, with Christmas markets shimmering beneath first snow falls on one side of the world and the hot, summer sun hitting the beach on the other. Prices do rise for flights and accommodation, however, the team at Travelscoop is always on the lookout for fantastic deals, so your Christmas holidays won’t break the bank.Let’s take a look at some of our...


Here’s how to spend a weekend in Sydney

9th December 2019 by PommieTravels

Are you planning for a weekend getaway and can’t pin down an ideal location? You ought to try Sydney! The city gets complimented by magnificent landmarks such as the Sydney opera house as well as the Sydney harbor bridge. Get a chance to visit the endless spectacular coastline, nature parks, and enjoy a sophisticated meal. However, with a wide variety of options, it can be quite daunting. Don’t fret! Below is a quick guide on how to spend a weekend in Sydney....


10 ways to explore Sydney in the lap of luxury

20th September 2019 by PommieTravels

Sydney is a beautiful city in Australia. Australia, in itself, is a continent which is full of surprises. More so, when you visit Sydney, you can explore various facets of it, which will help you find something which always interests you. Before you plan your trip to Sydney; however, it is better to sort out your visa formalities. Do you need an Australian ETA visa requirements for us citizens? You can hire a reputed agency like It will save your effort of going to the...


How to explore Sydney while on a budget

12th September 2019 by PommieTravels

Looking to get the max out of your time in Sydney? We’ve come up with a complete traveling guide to show you how to explore Sydney while on a budget! Ask someone what they know about Australia, and they will probably mention something about kangaroos, koalas, or giant spiders. However, there is more to Australia than the silly stereotypes it’s known for. If you are planning a trip to the land down under, there’s a good chance you’ll spend time in Sydney. It’s an expensive city, but...

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