With over ten million visitors each year, Tenerife is the godfather in the archipelago family. With a heavy British influence, this sunshine drenched island is a clubbers paradise and sun worshipers wonderland with all-inclusive resorts and white sandy beaches, clubs, bars restaurants and entertainment on every corner.

However, look beyond the bustling night life and family-fuelled frenzies of the tourist trap areas, and you'll discover an island of extraordinary civility and diversity.

From designer shops and tropical forest walks to treks into the solidified volcanic lava that spills across its landscape, culture, nature and tranquility abound. Alternatively, experience the sultry Carnaval celebrations that are only comparable to Rio with its Mardi-Gras celebrations among others.

Looking for even more culture, there are a wealth of museums, galleries and old-colonial towns and for drama they've got the Pico del Teide, the snow-capped and tallest Spanish mountain and host to some of the most remarkable hiking around.

With year round highs of 25 and lows of 18, this is a perfect destination for sun any time you need to get away. Rain is minimal, though higher in the winter months, but be warned, the tradewinds (particularly in the northeast) can take a bit of getting used to, particularly during the windy season when the canaries become a kite and windsurfers paradise.

A glorious place to visit and great option when you want to guarantee a tan, even in the dead of winter, its surely time to book your next trip now?

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