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4* holiday in Lanzarote

All-inclusive • Flights inc

7-nights • Friday


When to visit


Reliably warmer climate than much of Europe, now's a great time for a post-Christmas escape to the volcanic Canary Island

Lanzarote Blog posts

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15th June 2020 by Savoir There

My favourite places In Lanzarote

Brits tend to think of the island of Lanzarote – and the Canary Islands as a whole – as an easy fly and flop destination. Most places in Lanzarote are synonymous with holidays rather than adventurous travel, and with days spent relaxing as opposed to exploring. But even though it may not be trendy to say it, I absolutely love Lanzarote – and not just for lying on the beach....


23rd May 2019 by Rachel Nicole

Six destinations to consider for family beach holiday

As we are moving into the Summer months, where to go on holiday is something playing on many people’s minds. There are so many choices of amazing resorts to choose from so I thought I’d suggest a couple of destinations for cheap family holidays. Whether you are looking for a Summer Holiday this year or planning ahead for 2020, there are some amazing beach destinations suitable for all the family. We are talking about gorgeous beaches, water parks, family entertainment and endless fun!...