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Accommodation only • Flights • 2-nights • March

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9th February 2020

You could easily survive four solid days in Lisbon on pastéis de nata and vinho verde – the iconic custard tarts and the sharp ‘green’ wine are everywhere in the Portuguese capital, and are well worth the indulgence. They were the only items...

13th October 2019

Of course you do. A day trip to Sintra from Lisbon is, after all, one of the most well known excursions from the Portuguese capital city, thanks to the colourful facades of Pena Palace, but we’ll get to that in due course. I’m not here to give you a detailed history of the ancient buildings of Sintra – you can find that anywhere online, however there are a few key tips that you should keep in mind to retain your sanity in amongst the throngs of tourists all headed in...

22nd August 2019

It was the street art that drew me to LX Factory, the regenerated 19th century industrial warehouse complex in the...

Updated 27th November 2018

Holiday Extras are doing a good series of YouTube destination guides. This one covers the Portuguese capital...