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Cairo Luxor Red Sea Riviera
5 January 2022 | 7 nights | 2 people
Egypt: deluxe all-inc beachfront getaway w/flights

All-inclusive • Flights inc

7-nights • May

7nt full-board Nile Cruise + 7nt 5* all-inc Hurghada break w/flights

All-inclusive • Flights inc

14-nights • Until October 2021

Egypt : Pyramids, Nile Cruise & All-Inc. Red Sea

Breakfast • Flights inc


Egypt : Great Pyramids & Full-Board Nile Cruise

Breakfast • Flights inc


Jordan & Egypt: Hashemite Kingdom, Pyramids & Nile Cruise

Breakfast • Flights inc



About Egypt

With one of the oldest histories of any modern country, Egypt truly is "the gift of the Nile" as the rich, multicultural landscape gives way to the arid dessert in matter of steps.

Amongst the deserted beaches, and stunning coral reef's of the Red Sea, a tropical oasis awaits. Alternatively, take in the sites as you meander along the river that gave birth to this impressive nation with luxury Nile cruise.

Hot all year round, but scorching in the summer, Egypt's dessert climate offers cooler nights (as low as 9°C in winter) and hot, dry days (as high as 40°C in the middle of summer). Its limited rainfall occurs mainly during the winter months, but its certainly not something to worry about when deciding on the best time to visit.

Owing to current events, its worth checking the recommended travel status for your planned destination on the website under foreign travel advice, to make sure its safe to visit.

From the Valley of the Kings and the mighty pyrmaids to the Egyptian museum, the waterside temples of Dendara or Edfu to the Nile Delta and the beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, there's so much to do and see in Egypt so start packing and book your next trip now.

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16th February 2021 by Andy

Affordable beach holidays during winter

We’re in the peak of winter and have been stuck at home for a long time, so we can’t help but dream of destinations currently enjoying some of the warmest days of the year. Trade-in your winter scarf and gloves next year for a beach towel and flipflops somewhere warm. It doesn't have to break the bank either - there are many lovely beach destinations that are perfectly affordable and will allow you to enjoy a relaxing sunny holiday right in the middle of winter. Let’s take a look at...


10th January 2021 by Jason Billam

Exploring SINAI, EGYPT | Sharm El-Sheikh & Climbing Mt Moses سِينَاء 🇪🇬

Savoy Sharm El-Sheikh: I finish up my trip around Egypt exploring the Sinai peninsula. Staying in the gorgeous Sharm El-Sheikh, I visit the historic Mt Sinai and St Catherine's Monastery on a day trip....


20th December 2020 by Jason Billam

Exploring Ancient LUXOR, Egypt الأقصر 🇪🇬

I explore what to see in Luxor الأقصر, home to some of the most iconic Ancient Egyptian temples and tombs in Egypt....


12th December 2020 by Jason Billam

Aswan to Luxor LUXURY Nile Cruise In Egypt رحلة نيلية 🇪🇬

I take a Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor, stopping in Kom Ombo and Edfu along the way, before exploring Luxor's night scene....


22nd April 2021 by Jason Billam

Visiting ABU SIMBEL at the Egypt-Sudan Border أبو سمبل‎ 🇪🇬

I take a day trip from Aswan أسوان to Abu Simbel أبو سنبل‎, one of Egypt's most incredible ancient sites, close to the Sudan border....


12th January 2021 by PommieTravels

Five of the best day tours from Cairo

Egypt is an assault on the senses. From the moment you arrive, a multitude of things competes for your attention. Millennia-old buildings, the Islamic call to prayer, the stifling heat – it’s a rush. While Cairo itself is an attraction, there are also countless sights to see just outside its core. Trying to sort out the details on your own can be maddening – so let us guide you....


6th November 2020 by Jason Billam

Exploring ALEXANDRIA, Egypt's Great Port City الإسكندرية 🇪🇬

I spend the day exploring Alexandria, Egypt's great ancient Port City, with a long and diverse history dating back thousands of years....