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3rd December 2019

Whether you’re visiting India for the first time and want to visit South India to ease yourself in, or you want a beach holiday on the beaches of Goa and you fancy seeing some of the lush green-ness of Kerala whilst you’re there, you can easily...

28th November 2019

Even though I had been in India for 2 months travelling the North and had already been to 2 beaches in Goa, it was visiting Palolem Beach that made me truly fall in love with India. As soon as I drove through the small village of Palolem in the taxi and as soon as I walked on the beach I had huge flashbacks of being in Thailand and in the Philippines, because it honestly felt like I had been transported out of India and back into South East Asia, back to one of my favourite...

13th August 2019

If you’re wondering – ‘is it hard to get a visa for India?’ or ‘how do I apply for an Indian visa online?’,...

25th July 2019

2 months or 60 days is how long you used to be able to travel and backpack India for whilst on the India Tourist E-Visa...