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20 Instagram accounts that you should follow in 2016 for inspiration

Armchair travel has never been so good, as it is on Instagram!

You get to check out digital postcards from some of the world’s top travel bloggers and stunning portfolios from photographers.

Not to mention, mouth-watering food pics from around the globe and daring adventures in far-flung places!

We’ve searched through some of the best, to bring you 20 inspiring Instagram travel accounts, to follow this year.

1. Sam Horine

Sam Horine is a photographer who shines an original light on one of the top tourist destinations in the world, New York. His explorations will give you an insight into the more unusual side, of the destinations he visits.

2. Expert Vagabond

Michael Karsten is a travel blogger and photographer, with a focus on adventure. That’s exactly what you’ll get, when you enter his world of scuba diving, hitchhiking and trekking across the globe.

3. Michael Christopher Brown

Powerful images add up to an exceptional viewing journey on Michael Christopher Brown’s account. The National Geographic photojournalist captures raw moments and incredible sights.

4. Kirsten Alana

Kirsten Alana is a full time photographer specializing in travel and lifestyle. The former nomad’s page is bursting with colour, including stylish pictures of beaches, food, interiors and fabulous locales.

5. Daniel Kordon

Instagram travel photographer, Daniel Kordon shoots breath-taking landscape photography. You’ll be inspired to embark on dream holidays to the natural wonders of Norway, Japan, Russia, Italy and more.

6. Murad Osmann

When you want a slice of creativity with your travel inspiration, Murad Osmann delivers. With his model girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, you’ll see local fashion on a backdrop of exotic locations.

7. Be My Travel Muse

Kristin Addis, of Be My Travel Muse, is a former investment banker now travelling the world. Follow her on journeys off the beaten path, in a series of awe-inspiring photos.

8. The Naked Traveller

Tyson Mayr is known as The Naked Traveller and he’s an expert on how to travel the world on a budget. The Australian won a competition, nabbed the title of ‘Chief World Explorer’ and is a passionate charity worker. Check out his intriguing life, via Instagram.

9. Chris Burkard

Photographer, speaker, director and author, Chris Burkard will take you on an exploration of the great outdoors, via snapshots of amazing adventures, lush landscapes and exciting escapades.

10. Andrew Evans

Andrew Evans is an author, travel writer, TV host and digital nomad who serves up the world on a plate of scrumptious photos. This eclectic account offers everything from animals and food to landscapes and fascinating people.

11. Lauren Bath

Lauren Bath is known as Australia’s first professional Instagram photographer, following a career as a chef. Her page is a jumble of delightful images of all the good things in life, that go along with travel.

12. Annette White

If you have your own bucket list, follow Annette White for some inspirational new destinations to add. The bucket list guru is a freelance writer embracing travel, cooking and photography and her page is chock-full of variety.

13. Mark Wiens

When you just can’t wait to satiate your taste buds with exotic cuisine, Mark Wiens’ account will give you a sneak peek at what to expect – visually in any case. A word of warning though, you’ll be hungry within a second of checking out his delectable shots!

14. Round the World Girl

Elise of Round the World Girl is a wanderer with a love of all things natural. Mighty landscapes, glorious seas and fun escapades are highlights of this exuberant page.

15. Allan Edward Hinton

Quitting an office job and embarking on a life of travel has resulted in a unique page of minimalistic images that draw you into Andrew Hinton’s dreamy world of global exploration.

16. Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff is a photographer extraordinaire, which explains the phenomenal collection of images on his account. Colour, vibrancy and sheer beauty literally explodes from the page.

17. Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere displays the work of award-winning photographer, Gary Arndt. Considering his vast travel experience, you’re sure to find magical images of your favourite destinations, with plenty of inspiration for new ones.

18. Cole Rise

Photographer, Cole Rise is a master at capturing travel with an enchanting quality, making his images a stand out among the Instagram community. You’ll fall in love with travel, through the view of his lens.

19. Oliver Vegas

Spanish born photographer, Oliver Vegas, has an eye for quirky angles and moments in time where you can literally feel the movement through the image.

20. Gabriela

Gabriela takes pictures that give you a clear, clean snapshot of the gorgeous scenery experienced throughout the world. Landscapes, cities, oceans and architecture are waiting for you to visually feast on.

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