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Madagascar: Land of the Baobabs tour w/flights & transfers (save 34%)

Breakfast • Flights inc

14-nights • Until Dec 2022

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1st March 2021 by Inside the Travel Lab

The world’s graveyard in Madagascar

Madagascar lies 250 miles east of the coast of mainland Africa, steady and sizeable amid a swirling Indian Ocean and the flowing Mozambique Channel. As one of, if not the, poorest country in the world not currently at war, its people reflect its diverse heritage, its landscape a paradise for nature....


10th February 2021 by Inside the Travel Lab

Top things to do in Madagascar for wildlife and UNESCO heritage

From dreamy soft-sand beaches to intriguing wildlife, twisty-branched baobab and flickering palms, nature tops the list of things to do in Madagascar. But there's more. So much more. Let me show you a look at the best things to do in Madagascar, with links to in-depth articles andplenty of resources to help you plan your trip. ...


1st March 2021 by Inside the Travel Lab

If you love the wild, you’ll love the red tsingy in Madagascar

It snaked towards us slowly. A scarlet, silted, rust-red, blood-red, iron-tinged flow. The water seeped around the edges of my boots, my footprints swallowed up within seconds. It visibly stained my soles. Up ahead, I saw two men walking, the two men who were travelling with me. But no other soul was there. Originally from Inside the Travel Lab. ......