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12th September 2019

A week is just not enough to truly experience the heart and soul of Israel. However, if you have no choice, and a week is all you have in this beautiful country, then here are the top must-see places in Israel. Taking a Walk in Old Jerusalem Spend...

27th June 2019

Israel is a small country. However, its treasure trove of attraction range from profound historical sites and religious marvels to outstanding archeological discoveries and endless enchanting desert landscape. Before you begin searching for the most cost-effective Israel flights, you may want to create a list of the places you must visit during your trip. Here are a few options. Archeological Attractions. Historically, Israel has always been on outstanding world crossroads,...

30th May 2019

Even though Israel has a dispute with some of its neighboring nations, it has been able to maintain the security of the...

4th April 2019

Virgin Atlantic is launching flights to Tel Aviv from London this September, which is exciting news for those of us...