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6th August 2019

Here are the best things to do in Dominica and my tips to help you visit! If you’re not going to Dominica soon, I hope this videos helps show you what a gem of a Caribbean island Dominica is. I explored the island of Dominica, also known as...

19th July 2019

Dominica is a popular stop on cruises around the Caribbean. Due to Dominica’s mountainous landscape (it isn’t called the nature island of the Caribbean for nothing) it can be hard to get around the island in one day and some roads are not practical for big buses. Therefore, there are several cruise ship day excursions in Dominica that are popular and most cruise ship tourists go on. These include Trafalgar Falls, Titou Gorge, Champagne Reef and the Emerald Pool. These...

18th July 2019

The Caribbean Island of Dominica is a pretty unique place to visit, this is not the type of island you visit if you...

15th July 2019

Dominica, ‘The Nature Island of the Caribbean’, an island with 365 Rivers, 9 Volcanos, 70,000 people and an airport...