Costa Rica

Step out of dense jungle straight onto secluded white sandy beaches, hike around mist-topped lakes or kayak through this breathtaking tropical wilderness to emerge upon impressive, picturesque waterfalls.

World-class sustainability and infrastructure, a disbanded army (post WW2), with the funds re-directed into healthcare, education and the environment, this peaceful paradise is something to behold.

Not looking to spend your days hiking through rain forests or paddling through white water rapids, the beaches are just as impressive, as is the surf with perfect condition for beginners and pro's alike. The best bit, is that give its size, its possible to do it all with a relatively short break.

With average high's between 26°C and 28°C throughout the year, you'll never be short of plenty of sunshine, however, to avoid the rain, head there between December and March as the rainy season in Costa Rica is from April to November.

Cuisine in Costa Rica blends Native American, African and Spanish among others. Spaniards introduced a lot of new ingredients from other areas (particularly spices) and later, the African flavours were introduced with many Caribbean influences.

With some of the absolute best quality of life anywhere in Central America, not to mention the perfect waves, stunning sunsets and pristine beaches, Costa Rica is a sight to behold, so book your next trip now and see for yourself.

Costa Rica climate ℃