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The Republic of Pirates

Colin Woodard

True story of the band of great pirates, former sailors, servants and slaves who successfully joined forces to rule the high seas for a period of time. Edge-of-your-seat stuff

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24th March 2021 by Two Monkey's Travel

List of the the best beaches in Nassau, Bahamas

The best months to travel to Nassau, Bahamas is in on dry season; from December to May as there aren’t much rain or hurricane possibilities. If you want a more festive month January has car festivals, as well as December, has film festivals. Competitions like sailing and road races are in March and August, respectively. So think carefully when to go, if you want to have the time of your life....


1st March 2021 by Inside the Travel Lab

21 secret things to do in Nassau, Bahamas

Just a short flight from Miami, the clear waters and soft sands of the Bahamas attract plenty of beach loving visitors. But the islands themselves contain hidden history, warm hospitality, striking art and more besides. As the capital of the Bahamas and frequent cruise port stop, Nassau on Providence Island has all the bling you’d expect: casinos, world-beating restaurants, shopping centres and the like....


10th February 2021 by Inside the Travel Lab

Why you should travel to the Bahamas Green Turtle Cay

The ancient Babylonians invented a way of measuring time by capturing shadows on stone: sun dials. Green Turtle Cay measures time by bouncing shadows through palm trees onto soft pink walls in a piece of New Plymouth brought to the Bahamas....


16th February 2021 by Andy

7 best places for snorkelling

Snorkelling is a truly unique experience that everyone should take part in at least one time in their lifetime. The feeling of diving into clear and warm waters and observing the incredible sea life around you is irreplaceable. If you’re looking to have a great experience but don’t know where to start looking, here are 7 of the best places for snorkelling from all around the world.Bonaire, AntillesKnown around the world as a premier diving destination (the license plates read “Diver’s...