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An insider guide to New York

With an abundance of skyscrapers, parks, full-service hotels, miles of museums and every shop you can shake your credit card at: it’s no wonder New York welcomes over 60 million tourists annually. Planning a trip to the city that never sleeps can certainly cause a few sleepless nights. How do you fit everything in? Will you have time to see it all? How will you get around? With so much to see and do in the city, planning is key.

First things first: Create your wishlist

Making a list of everything you want to see and do can also help you get an idea of how to best manage your time. Try to stick to a maximum of three attractions per day so you can spend time enjoying each one rather than rushing around trying to see it all.

Location location location

Grouping sights and attractions together by location can save time and money on travel and helps you to split your days accordingly. Here are some examples:

A day Downtown

Pay an early visit to the Statue of Liberty followed by lunch on Stone Street and a visit to the 9/11 Museum and Memorial.

Middle ground

Take a walk over High Line Park, followed by shopping at Macy’s and then pay a visit to the Empire State Building. Exclusive discount at Macy’s! Download my app and look for Macy’s on the map. Show the discount code at the counter and you’ll receive a 10% discount. (Subject to terms and conditions).

On the up-side

Start with breakfast at Ellen’s Stardust Diner and continue with a visit to the Top of the Rock, shopping on Fifth Avenue and then a cycle around Central Park.

Save on sightseeing

A discount pass is a great way to save money on entrance fees to attractions. The New York Sightseeing Flex Pass is really good value for money and offers peak flexibility. Simply choose how many attractions you want to visit. You then get a selection of over 90 options and 30 days in which to see and do everything. This pass can be used on your phone as a QR code, so there’s no need to print or have anything delivered. Most importantly, you receive huge discounts on entrance to many attractions, guided tours, restaurants and activities.

Getting around

The easiest way to get from A to B in New York is to ride the subway and with a MetroCard, a single ride costs $2.75 making it also one of the cheapest ways to explore the city.

Eric’s New York App, available for iPhone and Android is free to download and offers subway and city maps on the go. You can even use it offline and have access to tickets, attractions, tours and information as you explore. Also, check out my site for tips on where you can get free WiFi all over the city.

Reach new heights

One of my favourite ways to see the city from on top of the world is to take a helicopter tour. An adrenaline rush, photo opp and amazing experience all rolled into one. Choose a 15 minute flight to see the highlights of Manhattan or go for something longer to head further afield. Booking in advance is certainly encouraged as tours are popular and limited to a certain number per day. I also recommend booking for earlier on in your trip to account for a possible need to rearrange due to bad weather.

Dinner with a view

For a romantic meal, fantastic skyline views and fun evening entertainment, take a dinner cruise in New York. Choose a sit down dinner or a more casual buffet, take a drink from the bar or upgrade to include an open bar option and enjoy. During the cruise enjoy the view as you float past landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building. Most dinner cruises are also suitable for children, so a good option for a family night out or celebration.

It’s showtime

There is certainly no lack of things to do in New York and entertainment is something that is absolutely overflowing in the city. With the bright lights of Broadway offering something for every taste, seeing a Broadway Musical is a must. Whether you love a heartwarming Disney story, something more sinister or even outrageous, take a look at the listings for your dates and book tickets at competitive prices in advance. Bear in mind too that the earlier you book, the better your seats will be.

Or game time

New York is home to a handful of popular sports teams, even if you are not a sports fan, seeing a game in New York is an experience not to be missed. The enthusiastic fans, great snacks and fun entertainment will soon have you cheering along from the stands with a foam finger. Depending on the time of year, there are plenty of options to choose from. Basketball season runs from October to April when the Knicks play in Madison Square Garden, right in the heart of Manhattan. From April until October you can see a baseball game. Head to Yankee Stadium to see my favourite team, the Yankees play.

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Website: www.newyork.co.uk

Author Info: Introducing Eric, your local New Yorker in the know! With his NewYork.co.uk website, Facebook Page, and handy ‘Eric’s New York’ app he is available to make recommendations, suggest money-saving solutions and even suggest an itinerary for your trip to New York. He is here to share some of his favourite must-do’s and give you some inspiration for planning your stay.

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