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When to visit


Now is peak season so there'll be more visitors but the weather is near-perfect and the flights and room rates are at their cheapest. Ideal for a beach escape.


Tropical and hot with perfect opportunities for swimming and diving in Cozumel, it's also an ideal month for nature lovers and sun-worshippers. Witness the wondrous Descent of Kukulcán at Chichén Itzá

Cancun Blog posts

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27th November 2018 by John

Cancun travel guide

Holiday Extras are doing a good series of YouTube destination guides. This one covers Cancun, famous for having colourful nightlife and flashy all-inclusive hotels. But there is another side to this region and we're going to show you why it’s worth exploring. Take a couple of hours drive from the city and witness Mayan culture, historical ruins, stripped back beaches, and nature in all its beauty....