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Mykonos is blessed with a Mediterranean climate and is typically mild in winter. We've looked at the most up-to-date weather data for Mykonos, covering the last 12 years up to 2022, plus we've asked our team of travel bloggers for their first-hand experiences in order to answer the most frequently asked questions about Mykonos weather in March.

What's the temperature like in Mykonos during March?

The temperature is extremely stable in March with average highs of 15℃ and lows just 2℃ lower at 14℃. The UV index will be moderate at this time of year, so not something to worry about for the average person. However, if you're going to be outside for long periods it's worth wearing a broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen and UV-blocking sunglasses. Remember that bright surfaces, such as water and sand increase UV exposure.

Does it rain in Mykonos during March?

On average, there will be 8 rainy days during the month, amounting to 12.1mm in total. That's almost nothing at all, therefore rain isn't something we think you need to consider. There's a small chance that you'll catch a thunderstorm during your trip.

How warm is the sea in Mykonos during March?

The water around Mykonos is a bracing 16℃ during March and would be considered too cold for swimming. Those who are a bit more hardy or frequently swim in cooler open water might want to take a quick dip. A wetsuit would be advisable if you wish to spend longer than 5 minutes in the water.

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