Christmas market break in Netherlands

Renowned for its meandering canals, picturesque windmills, vast tulip fields and pancake flat landscape, the Netherlands houses a perfect balance between historical tradition and modern innovation.

One of the most common and most popular ways to take in the impressive landscape is with the wind in your hair along one of its 32,000km of cycle paths. Bike rental outlets here are like Starbucks in New York, found on every corner, and cycling is a way of life for more than a quarter of its inhabitants.

Dutch cuisine tends to be quite simple and straightforward, but don't confuse that with not being excellent. These days it's split into three regions with a tendency towards a variety of meats in the northeast, dairy in the west with vegetables and pastry the main contributors in the west.

Rainfall is consistent throughout the year with heavier showers in the summer and autumn. Cool winters and mild summers combine with a relatively high level of humidity and temperature fluctuations not just between the seasons but also between day and night tend to quite small.

A beautiful place to visit whether tasting its simple culinary varieties from one region to the next, or racing into the wind on the back a bicycle, its well worth a visit. Book your next trip now.

The festive season is the perfect time of year to visit Netherlands. The Christmas market in Netherlands generally begins right at the end of November and often continues until the New Year. The nearer to Christmas you go, the busier the whole of Netherlands will be, and the higher the price too.

The appetite for European Christmas markets has increased dramatically over the last 5 years among British travellers, and travel companies have responded accordingly, therefore plenty of deals are available. Very cheap offers tend to feature lower quality hotels at the edge of town, while more expensive packages will get you closer to the action. We've searched Skyscanner, Travelzoo, BlueSea Holidays, Away Holidays, Travelscoop, Southall Travel, Teletext Holidays, LoveHolidays, British Airways, Travelzoo, The Flights Guru, Hays Travel, The Travel Brand, LivingSocial, Jet2holidays, On The Beach, Exoticca, Secret Escapes, Premier Holidays, Groupon and Virgin Atlantic for Christmas market breaks in Netherlands and have listed them below.

If you're not set on Netherlands, check out our Guide to booking a Christmas market break for some other destination ideas


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