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British Airways -- get up to 35% bonus Avios

12th February 2018

British Airways are back with their bonus Avios deal. If you are looking to book a reward flight any time soon, and need to top up your Avios balance, now is the time to buy.There is a new format to the deal this time around, with the percentage...

750 Avios for joining e-Rewards and completing one survey

Updated 12th December 2017

e-Rewards is a company that sends out consumer surveys by email and mobile apps to registered users. For each survey completed, you earn points that can be converted into Avios. At the time of writing, e-Rewards are giving away 750 Avios to new members who complete their first survey. That’s worth a few minutes of my time. So how do you get the 750 free Avios? Sign up to e-Rewards via the page on here. Complete a lifestyle questionnaire. Your answers...

Current Avios promotions

7th December 2017

Avios alert, Avios alert... I'm always on the lookout for ways to boost my Avios balance. A few hundred Avios here...

500 free Avios for signing up with Bud

Updated 6th December 2017

I’m always one to jump on a free Avios promotion. You can currently nab 500 completely free Avios just by signing up...

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