Roman's Empire

Roman's Empire

Roman is our very own mini-YouTuber making awesome travel videos from a #kidseyeview. Roman's unique take on travelling and quirky editing make his vlogs must-see viewing for kids that love to holiday!

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Around Rome in 1 day #kidseyeview

Updated 15th July 2019

How kid friendly is Rome? VERY!!! There's loads to do in 1 day. This is my kids-eye-view of the capital city of Italy. We stayed for 1 night after travelling up Italy from Naples on a bus. It's a really big city and it's hot but there is loads to...

Visit to the ruins of Pompeii in Italy #kidseyeview

13th July 2019

What's Pompeii really like? I took a trip to get a kids eye view!! Pompeii was a Roman town in the south of Italy. In AD 79 a loooong time ago it was completely destroyed by Mount Vesuvius - a volcano that erupted right next door. Loads of people were killed. There are casts of deal people trying to hide from the explosion - see them in my video!!!! Pompeii is massive and there is a big amphitheatre as well, like the Colosseum in Rome but smaller. I'll show the Colosseum in...

Christmas market in Rochester #kidseyeview

10th December 2018

You don't have to get on a plane to visit a cool Christmas market. They are everywhere in December now. This one was at...

Dubai vlog 3: Motiongate theme park #kidseyeview

16th November 2018

This Dubai theme park was almost empty! There are a few theme parks in Dubai but this was my favourite. It had the best...

Dubai vlog 2: Visiting the world's biggest mall and tower #kidseyeview

4th November 2018

On my first day in Dubai we went to see the Dubai Mall, the biggest mall in the world!! It was massive and had a...

Dubai vlog 1: Getting the plane - you'll never guess what happened! #kidseyeview

29th October 2018

I'm going to Dubai. I don't know what to expect, but I think it's going to be HOT. In this vlog I get on the British Airway's plane at Heathrow (or was it Gatwick?) You'll never guess what happened!!?...

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