Roaming around Europe

It's a tricky modern dilemma while on holiday in the mobile phone switch off, or not to switch off? It's always been a little easier to ignore work emails knowing that you're likely to be charged for roaming and data usage.

But did you know that you can now use your smartphone whilst travelling in Europe without paying roaming charges? 

It might seem obvious to many frequent travellers but recent research by online travel agent On the Beach has found that around one in six Brits aren't aware of the new EU rules that allow them to roam as if they are at home, with data usage also available from their agreed allowance.

Not sure if we're the bearer of good or bad news for those one in six, particularly if you like to relax on holiday and ignore or deny all knowledge of what's going on in the office. Or even just to escape social media for a while.

We're interested to know what our readers and subscribers like to do when you're on holiday... do you leave on, check in now and then just in case, or switch off entirely? Or does it depend on who you're with or where you are in the world?

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Post by Stuart

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