750 Avios for joining e-Rewards and completing one survey

e-Rewards is a company that sends out consumer surveys by email and mobile apps to registered users. For each survey completed, you earn points that can be converted into Avios. At the time of writing, e-Rewards are giving away 750 Avios to new members who complete their first survey. That’s worth a few minutes of my time.

So how do you get the 750 free Avios?

Sign up to e-Rewards via the page on Avios.com here.

Complete a lifestyle questionnaire. Your answers here will determine the kinds of surveys you’re sent. The questions are probing - how many children, your job, your air travel etc. they took me 8 minutes to complete.

Wait for your first survey.

Depending on whether your lifestyle matches any currently active surveys, you might get one straight away, or you might have to wait up to a week. I didn't seem to match anything immediately, but an email invitation dropped into my inbox later the same day. The survey took me 10 minutes and was actually quite enjoyable - mainly because I was able to vent about my local train service. Once complete, the Avios will show up immediately under the "Rewards" tab of the e-Rewards system as a box saying "750 Avios Bonus". Click the box and enter your Avios.com membership number to redeem the credit. It'll take up to 35 days for you Avios.com account to be credited, although mine were there in 4 days.

To qualify for the 750 Avios, you need to complete a survey within 2 months of registration. Plenty of travel hackers go on to complete surveys regularly, and report earning 30,000+ Avios per year through the service. I'm not sure I'll continue with e-Rewards having received the bonus, but I'll take a look at the next few surveys I'm invited to complete to judge how long they take and whether the time investment is worth it.

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