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How to save money when booking a cruise

The image of cruising took a battering in the early days of Covid, but they remain one of the most comfortable ways to explore the world. You can enjoy excellent entertainment, food and leisure facilities onboard all while discovering new cities almost every single day. 

But cruises can also be an expensive type of holiday, one that not everyone can afford - or so you thought. There are actually many budget-friendly ways to book cruises that will allow you to enjoy the best sailing experiences for very attractive prices. Here are just some of the ways you can save money when booking your next cruise:

Book early...

One of the best ways to make sure you are getting a great deal is to book your next cruise very early, typically anywhere from 6 to 18 months in advance. Cruise lines are now rewarding early birds very handsomely with many added extras and discounts that will make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

...or book late

Booking last minute (which, in the cruise world, typically means anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks prior to departure) can also offer you great discounts. Cruise lines are eager to fill up empty cabins, meaning prices will drop significantly and you may be able to get some added perks as well. Just beware that you may not get much choice on your cabin and you may have to be extra flexible on your travel dates.

...or book onboard

Another great time to book your next cruise is on board one! Cruise lines usually offer this option to put down a deposit (usually smaller than regular deposits) that you can then use to book your next cruise when a great deal comes up. Sometimes, added perks and fancy extras are included as well to make for a great cruise deal.

Take advantage of sales

Whenever you are booking, make sure to always keep an eye out for any extra sales that may be happening at the moment. Right now, we are in what is called the “Wave Season” - at time lasting between January and March of every year when cruise lines showcase their best deals, discounts and perks for all eager travellers to book - so make sure to sign up to newsletters and check cruise lines websites regularly to catch the best one. If that becomes too time consuming for you, you can always rely on us here at Simply Holiday Deals to provide you with the best cruise deals of the week every Saturday.

Use a travel agent

Travel agents can often offer you discounts in person that you won’t be able to find anywhere else on the internet. Plus, they take a load off your shoulders by taking care of all the price monitoring, planning, and booking of your trip. Make sure to use a travel agent when booking your next cruise to save yourself both time and money!

Book older cruise ships

Older cruise ships may not always offer the most modern amenities or up-to-date rooms but they do offer much more budget-friendly prices if your main priority when booking a cruise is saving money. You will still get to enjoy the itinerary of your choice with a cosy on-board experience, but for a much cheaper price.

Travel off-peak

Another way to save money when booking a cruise is to travel in the off-peak season. Essentially, any time that isn’t Spring Break, Christmas or the peak of the summer holidays is great for booking cheaper cruises. Plus, you will be able to enjoy your holiday with fewer crowds, which is always a plus for those looking for a more quiet and peaceful escape.

Choose cheaper itineraries

If you really want the cruise experience but can’t afford the hefty prices, consider booking a cheaper itinerary. Usually 3-day cruises offer much more competitive prices and still allow you to enjoy the cruise experience aboard excellent ships.

Cruise close to home

Another way to save money when booking a cruise is by departing from home! Many cruise lines are now making this option available with cruises departing from Southampton and Tilbury. So save some money on your next cruise by not having to buy return flights and choose a cruise that departs from closer to home.

Book extras separately

If you really can’t help but choose a cruise that departs from a European or American port, consider booking your flights separately from your cruise. That goes for any other extras you may want to book on your cruise holiday including shore excursions or hotel bookings. Opt-out of the all-inclusive cruise deals and look for better deals yourself - it may take more time, but it will help you save money!

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