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Family-friendly African safaris

Have you grown tired of the same old family holiday ideas? Sure, all-inclusive resorts with playgrounds, swimming pools, games rooms and all kinds of modern facilities can leave you feeling assured your little ones will have a fun time (and you’ll be able to sip on a cocktail every now and then). But if you’re looking for something different to do as a family, consider going on a wildlife safari in Africa for your next holiday.

A family safari can be an excellent idea for an unforgettable holiday with your little ones! Not only will your entire family get to explore a new country that is completely different from most holiday destinations, but you’ll also get to spend loads of time outdoors in nature enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Of course, these trips can be a little tricky for your little ones so here are a couple of tips on how to make them as successful as possible:

Keep the actual drive short

Children have small attention spans so opt for shorter journeys that they will be able to enjoy more fully as opposed to a longer one that will wear out your patience. Two hours is a solid amount of time to drive around a safari park and have some fun.

Play games

To keep your children entertained during the drive, games like “I spy…” or interesting trivia can come in very handy. You’re not always going to be surrounded by wildlife so the more games you can think of the better!

Get out

Get out of the vehicle whenever and wherever you can. Sitting down for too long can make children restless so take as much time as you can to walk around and explore your surroundings.

Stock up

Bring lots of water and emergency snacks with you. You never know how much time you’re actually going to be spending driving around the safari so it’s best to stock up on water and snacks to make sure you can enjoy your trip in peace (and on a full stomach).

Choose wisely

There are many different countries in Africa that offer safari opportunities for the whole family, but each of them caters better to a specific demographic. Check out our recommendations below to choose the best country for your family needs and preferences. 

Africa is a vast continent filled with intriguing fauna and flora. Some countries have taken great advantage of this for tourism purposes by creating excellent safaris that enable tourists to see these plant and animal species in the wild. The most popular countries for safaris are South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, Botswana, Tanzania, Malawi, Namibia, and many others. But different countries cater to different tourist needs and preferences. 

Here is how we recommend you choose your African destination for your next adventurous family holiday:

South Africa

South Africa is the perfect destination for a multi-generational family safari holiday. Its excellent infrastructures and malaria-free parks offer excellent conditions for everyone from toddlers to great-grandparents who wish to explore Africa’s wild side. Swaziland is a landlocked country within South Africa and also makes a good safari choice.


This country is best if you’re bringing along toddlers or small children. Its pristine beaches will provide an excellent break from your adventure in the safari. Plus, Mauritius has excellent resort facilities ensuring that you’ll have all the needed family-friendly services at your feet so that your children are looked after while you can have some fun in the water or relax on the beach.


Botswana is the perfect destination for older generations. Grandparents will especially appreciate the quiet and largely untouched safari resorts. Although it is a pricier destination in comparison to other African countries, most safaris are fly-in meaning less driving and less of a hassle.

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