500 free Avios for signing up with Bud

I’m always one to jump on a free Avios promotion. You can currently nab 500 completely free Avios just by signing up to a brand new personal finance app called Bud. Bud is a “financial services platform” that aims to be your intelligent personal finance assistant. It sounds a bit like Money Dashboard. You add your bank accounts to it, and it acts as a hub into your financial life. You can also add your Avios account, which is where the promotion comes in.

So how do you get the 500 free Avios?

Click this link and sign up. Other links might not work so be sure to click this one.

Create your account with Bud. This includes clicking a confirmation email link and adding a few details about yourself.

Add your Avios.com account to Bud. Note that you need an Avios.com account and can’t currently use a BA Executive Club account.

Receive your Avios. The free avoids will be credited to your account in 7 to 10 days. You can then move them to BA Executive or Iberia in the normal way.

It’s a savvy move by Bud, since Avios collectors tend to be a financially sophisticated bunch. Bud will attract themselves a highly engaged group of new users to test their platform. It worked on me, as I couldn’t resist adding my bank account to the app just to see what would happen, although it seemed to crash the app. I’ve also downloading their smart phone app to give it a spin. The jury is out as to whether I’ll find any use for it (and it has its job cut out to try and replace my spreadsheets) but I’ll give it some time to develop.

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