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6 insider tips for booking a hotel in Dubai

Considered one of the most advanced cities in the world in terms of architecture and technology, Dubai is a city-state that has visitors charmed, and in awe of the breathtaking wonders they come across.

In between exploring the modern buildings and structures, as well as the old establishments reminiscent of the deep history that enriches this once barren desert, you will need a comforting place to kick back and unwind.

With its many hotels suitable for a variety of tastes and budgets, Dubai is a travel lover’s paradise. So, while planning your Dubai trip for a holiday or business, this sheer abundance of hotels will be an advantage. But, it also calls for proper awareness about Dubai hotels, how they operate and the offerings available.

If you are planning a visit, remember that location is vital. While public transportation and taxis can get you all over the emirate, ensure you are booking a hotel that is close to the places you want to see and things you want to do the most, which can save you both time and money.

Just like most major cities around the world, Dubai luxury hotels are relatively pricey. However, Dubai also has mid-range and budget offerings where the prices are more modest. You just have to be honest with your budget and preferences.

Knowing some proven tips on what to look for while booking a Dubai hotel should assist you in planning your trip. Here are six insider tips for booking a hotel in Dubai.

1. Do Your Research

Before you book a hotel, it is imperative you do your homework. Research thoroughly and compare the prices and facilities offered for various hotel rooms! Ask around your personal network for any recommendations and utilise the Internet to read reviews left by previous travellers. 

Before you start genuinely considering specific hotels, make sure you are clear about what you want. For example, do you want to stay in a hotel? Do you want an apartment-style room? What about a resort?

2. Understand Policies

As part of an Islamic country, Dubai hotels have policies different from their counterparts in western countries. Many Sharia-compliant hotels will not allow unmarried couples to share a room. Similarly, LGBT couples would be advised to stick to larger international hotel brands or rented apartments via Airbnb.

Sharia-compliant hotels may also have strict policies about food, alcohol and smoking. So, during your research, ensure you understand the hotel policies, and get acquainted with the property before your actual stay.

3. Choose a Location

Before you book an overseas hotel, you want to acquaint yourself with the area and choose a hotel that is close to sights you want to visit. Many Dubai hotels offer stunning sea views, but these are also the most sought after and expensive.

In Dubai, many visitors find that staying in hotels in Deira and Bur Dubai is the best way to get luxury without spending a lot of money. Alternatively, more budget-conscious travellers can pick a hotel room with inland views rather than sea views. Or maybe your group is more interested in staying in holiday apartments in Dubai Marina for a beach-holiday feel; the choice is entirely up to you. Be sure to then check that there is a variety of dining or fast-food restaurants in the area that you can easily access.

4. Consider the Booking Season

During the hot summer months, whentemperatures regularly top 39℃, many budget travellers like to take advantage of the incredible deals that many of the expensive hotels of Dubai offer. During this period, many luxury hotels offer rooms at a lower tariff, giving everyone a chance to experience pure Dubai luxury at a lower price! Additionally, more deals can be found during the festive seasons such as during Ramadan and Eid.

5. Check Out Luxury Resorts

Affluent visitors from around the world with a penchant for luxury often enjoy checking out the resorts that lie along the beaches of Jumeirah — where the soft green-blue sea and golden sandy beach can make them a splendid holiday spot.

6. Get Freebies

Once you have decided on a hotel and are ready to book it, enquire with the hotel manager about any extra offer perks that they have.

More often than not, Dubai hotels are willing to offer something a little bit extra! Whether it is free breakfasts or lunch, in-room coffee, an airport transfer, sightseeing facilities or other fringe services, these small things translate into considerable holiday savings.

Going by the above considerations, you can ensure an enjoyable holiday in Dubai if you carefully choose your hotel. Talk with your travel companions and be honest about each of your expectations. In order to select the right hotel for you, it is essential that you concentrate on what matters most to you and disregard everything else.

It is impossible for you to look through every single Dubai hotel on offer, so by refining it down to only the ones that meet your criteria, you will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend choosing a Dubai hotel.

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