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Cheapest places to holiday in April

The days are getting longer and the weather warmer, making April one of everyone’s favourite holiday months. The only thing is, Easter makes things a little more expensive and a whole lot busier. Searching for deals just before, or just after the long weekend helps keep the costs down.

One of the best things about holidays in April, is the chance to get out and about in the world, before it gets too hot. You can still swim in mild waters on exotic islands, but hit city streets for shopping and exploring, in comfort.

Mediterranean Beach Holidays

April is one of the best times to discover the Med, to catch the resorts, beaches and attractions just before the busy summer season. With long, sunny days and refreshing ocean temperatures, relaxation is the name of the game.


April is the start of beach season in Malta, when the sand and sea bask under the ever-warming rays of the sun. Its three main islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino offer versatility and beauty. History comes alive with temples, baroque churches and narrow cobbled streets. Nature turns on a spectacular display, with soaring limestone cliffs, luminescent grottos and rural landscapes. Then, there’s the water sports, shops and restaurants, where you can try tantalising Maltese cuisine.

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Paxos, Greece

When you’re craving peace and serenity in April, you’ll find it in Paxos, one of the least commercialised of the Greek Islands. The tiny island basks in the sun with post-card perfect beaches, just a short boat ride from Corfu. Eat grilled sardines at sleepy tavernas, explore deserted coves, collect shells on the sand and stay at a whitewashed, hilltop villa.

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Corsica, France

Millions of people visit Corsica every year, for the mild climate, diverse landscapes and wild interior. However, when spring arrives in April, the island literally explodes with colour, as plants and flowers start to bloom. Mix this with transparent water, pristine sandy bays, rugged cliffs and bustling towns – and it just might be the perfect holiday destination. Don’t miss Ajaccio, Napoleon’s birthplace and home to vibrant, palm-lined boulevards.

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Crete, Greece

April marks the beginning of tourist season in Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands. With a unique culture and atmosphere, holiday-makers flock here to sample tradition mixed with the great facilities offered by resorts, such as Agios Nikolaos. Away from the soft sands and glittering aqua seas, the White Mountains offer spectacular hikes. Then, there’s the ancient art and architecture of the island’s incredible history, including the famous Minoan palaces.

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City Breaks

If you love shopping, exploring ruins and secret passageways and strolling through museums, April brings the perfect weather to do so, in many of the world’s most fascinating cities.

Fez, Morocco

Step back in time to Fez in April, when the temperature is cool enough to explore the rabbit warren of alleyways, for as long as your feet will carry you. The medieval world treasure really has to be seen to be believed. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old City is car-free – a place where donkeys still carry loads for their owners and children run uninhibited in the streets. When you need the comforts of home, the New City isn’t far away.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen emerges from cold weather slumber in April, making it a great time to visit, before the onset of summer crowds. A wonderful city for walkers, the main sites such as the Little Mermaid Statue, Amalienborg Palace, Tivoli Gardens, shops and museums are easily conquered in a couple of days. Don’t miss hanging out at Han Christian Andersen’s old haunt, Nyhavn, with an ice-cream and endless photo opportunities.

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Seville, Spain

Temperatures soar during summer in Seville, so getting there during April means you’ll have enough energy for Flamenco lessons. The fairy tale city is easy to explore on foot, with bougainvillea and orange blossoms permeating the air in spring. Dine on paella by the Guadalquivir River, admire Baroque facades, discover the history of bullfighting and window shop along swanky pedestrian shopping streets.

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Long Haul Holidays

You don’t have to travel far in April for sunshine, but if a long-haul holiday is what you need, you’ll escape the rainy season (and the heat) in many top spots – and maybe even catch a bargain deal.

Bermuda, Caribbean

Visit via a cruise or take your own adventure to the pastel cottages, pink-sand beaches, lush greenery and colonial architecture of Bermuda. Pleasant April temperatures make golfing at world-class courses a joy, which is one of the island’s top attractions. Explore the old town of St George, the maritime heritage of the Royal Naval Dockyard and historic houses, gardens and cemeteries.

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Seychelles, Africa

The coral and granite islands that make up the Seychelles, are about as romantic as it gets. Here, you can hideaway on pristine beaches, dine by secluded coves and swim in the astonishing blue of the Indian Ocean. To top it off, April sees near perfect temps, so if you do wish do anything other than bask in the beauty, you can snorkel, dive, rock climb and shop at local markets.

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Texas, USA

It’s certainly warm, but not scorching in Texas during April. The month brings clear blue skies, outdoor activities and live music as everyone ventures out and about. Big and diverse, the state delivers excitement on bold platter. Check out the Wild West at a ranch stay, hike in more than 90 state parks and hit one of the cities, like Houston or Austin, for blues and rock music, art, culture and world-class dining.

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Across the globe, April brings new life and ensures travel experiences burst with colour and freshness. Keep checking your inbox for incredible weekly deals, so your spring-time adventures are friendly on the travel budget.

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