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With over 500,000 email subscribers, plus more than 300,000+ followers across our social media platforms, Travelscoop is a great place to publish your work. The UK travel blog community produces amazing content every day, and we want to celebrate this good work by providing instant access to a very large audience.

What we're looking for

Anything travel-related will be considered, but an emphasis on money-saving is preferred. The style should be light-hearted and the content unique, with a preference for first-hand experiences. We acknowledge that everyone is different and personal preferences vary, so we want to make sure that our reviews are written by trusted sources with their own unique style that complements our brand - could that be you?

Main categories we'd like you to write about are:

Click on any of the above to read an example of the type of thing we'd like for each category. It's a fairly broad scope - we believe that you have to be interested in what you're writing about for it to sound passionate and for it to be enjoyable to do.

Getting started

In the first instance, if you haven't written for us before please email us at editorial@travelscoop.co.uk letting us know who you are, where you're based and what you've written or would like to write about.

If we've previously published your writing, feel free to send new copy straight through.

Tips for getting it right

  • Be clear and concise - an absolute maximum of 1,000 words. We believe that less is more in travel writing, and shorter and punchier is preferred.
  • Unique content - it should be first-hand experience and not available to read elsewhere online.
  • Written in English using good grammar - for obvious reasons - our audience is UK based, although we cover destinations the world over.
  • Personal - it doesn't need to be in exactly the same style and tone as our example posts. It's always better when it's in your own voice - although we reserve the right to tweak any posts that don't fit with our post layout or ethos. If any major changes are required we'll always let you know.
  • Light-hearted and informative are the primary intentions. You don't have to love where or what you're writing about, but any criticism should be constructive where possible.

How to submit your posts

Please send to editorial@travelscoop.co.uk

High quality photos should be sent via wetransfer.com with brief labels of what each is where possible. Alternatively, you can send us links to relevant photos or videos hosted on your Instagram or YouTube account. Photos and video really help bring your writing to life, so we definitely welcome them, but no more than 6 or 7 per written piece. Note: these should be the writer's own photos or videos, otherwise clear copyright information - including explicit permission - needs to be provided.

If you have an idea which you're not sure about, or you've written something you'd like us to look at first, or if you have any other questions, feel free to email us at the same email address: editorial@travelscoop.co.uk

Once we've received your writing, our editor will be in touch with any suggested edits.

What's in it for you

While we don't pay for guest posts, we're happy for you to use the exposure we can provide to advance your own brand or blog. Features will carry a by-line which can include a brief biography of you, a link back to your site, and a photo image. Accepted posts will be included in our emails (sent to over 700,000 subscribers) and promoted via social media.

From time to time we get asked to try stuff out - that could be a complimentary hotel stay or a meal at a new local eatery. We're based in London and when we‘re unable to accept an invitation to try something out, we call on our regular and trusted writers to take up the opportunity on our behalf.

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