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Planning a West Coast US road trip

7th June 2019

The United States is a big country and all of its citizens are very accustomed to driving. Need to go to the store? Drive. What about to the pharmacy? Drive. Heading off to the gym? Drive. If you don’t have a car, you’re going to have a very...

Fancy getting your kicks on Route 66?

26th July 2018

I spend a great deal of my workdays clicking through travel deals and reading up on destinations, often getting sidetracked and sucked into the dream of pondering holidays at whatever location happens to be on my computer screen at any given time. In fact, so far today I've 'mentally holidayed' in Croatia, Bali, Egypt, Iceland, Miami, Melbourne and even Cornwall, to name a few; in my head, I've practically travelled the world!Every now and then an absolutely incredible...

Disney announce launch of new Star Wars land in California and Florida parks

Updated 13th June 2018

Feel the force! Disney have announced the launch date for their new Star Wars land at their parks in Los Angeles and...

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