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Win a 7-night holiday to New England + car hire

Closing date: 14th February 2020

Purely New England

Win a holiday for two in California's Yosemite Tuolumne County

Closing date: 5th February 2020

Love Exploring

£369pp | 3* New York: 3 nights + flights

Accommodation only • Flights • 3-nights

British Airways

Win a short break for two to Austin, Texas + ACL Live gig tickets

Closing date: 31st March 2020

Visit Austin

£499pp | 3.5* Las Vegas: 7 nights + flights

Accommodation only • Flights • 7-nights

British Airways

£511pp | 4* New York city break w/flights

Accommodation only • Flights • 3-nights • January


£460pp | 3* Florida getaway

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£755pp | 4* New York escape

Breakfast • Flights


United States blog posts

From our favourite UK travel bloggers
21st January 2020

The amount of content from my USA trip in 2017 which I have still yet to publish is unbelievable. It’s also only two months until I head back to the states for 3 weeks so I thought I would uncover some of the lost USA posts. If you didn’t know,...

13th January 2020

Walt Disney World may be the happiest and most magical place on earth but a holiday to Orlando, Florida does take a lot of planning. There is so much to see, do, visit and eat in Florida and in my opinion, it’s key to be organised to get the most out of your trip. Thankfully, I absolutely love planning holidays and I’m in my element when it comes to Walt Disney World. Pass me all the notebooks and spreadsheets and let’s get sorted. I thought I would share some of my...

10th January 2020

If you plan on spending some time in Dallas you’ll want to get as much done as you can. You will want to see all of...

14th December 2019

Atlanta, a city filled with millions of landmarks to visit. Every year around millions of people visits Atlanta, some...

Updated 17th December 2019

No city defines America quite like NYC. New York represents diversity, dreams, ambition, and wealth. Around every...

27th November 2019

It’s no secret that Portland is an odd city. In Portland, you won’t only find someone dressed as Darth Vader riding a unicycle; you’ll also see a whole bunch of people ignoring that cyclin’ dark lord because to them, it’s just another Tuesday. If that last sentence was too weird for your tastes, it’s possible the Pearl District isn’t for you. Because out of all the impressive Portland neighborhoods, there’s no area that embraces Portland culture better than...

2nd November 2019

Whilst our Pacific Northwest road trip had been an unforgettable experience, it had also proven to be unforgettably expensive. With Seattle currently reigning as the US’ eighth most expensive city, and San Francisco playing host to the country’s...

28th October 2019

Traditionally, road trip itineraries for the Pacific North West are limited to the states of Washington and Oregon;...