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3* New York escape w/flights

Accommodation only • Flights • 3-nights • January 2020

British Airways

Win a week for two in Hollywood

Closing date 1st October 2019


£570pp | 7nts at the 3* Wellington Hotel, New York

Accommodation only • Flights


£529pp | New York: 4* city break w/flights

Accommodation only • Flights • 4-nights • February 2020

Hays Travel

Win a trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with art tour

Closing date 30th September 2019

Greater Fort Lauderdale

Win the ultimate Texas getaway to Dallas and Fort Worth

Closing date 30th September 2019

Visit Dallas & Fort Worth

£577pp | 7nts at the 4* Paramount, New York

Accommodation only • Flights


£1018pp | 7nts at the 4* Walt Disney World Dolphin, Florida

Accommodation only • Flights


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From our favourite UK travel bloggers
4th September 2019

For generations, daydreaming Americans have looked west for inspiration. Those bold enough to chase their dreams packed their bags, and headed off in that direction. Many settled in California – initially chasing fortunes in the goldfields, they...

4th September 2019

Key West is one of the most beautiful destinations in Florida. Just a small island where the Florida Keys trail delicately into the Gulf of Mexico, it’s got gorgeous weather year-round. Combine that with something-for-everyone accommodations, an eclectic selection of restaurants from fine dining to super casual, and an array of activities whether you like your vacations fast-paced or slow and relaxing, and it’s no wonder why Key West is so loved by those who’ve been...

22nd August 2019

One of the most common questions I get from readers is if I can recommend them a good hostel to stay in New York that...

16th August 2019

Noted for its unique climate and amazing scenery, Napa Valley is known as one of the most beautiful places in all of...

30th June 2019

When people think of America, Los Angeles is one of the first cities that come to mind. Home to its entertainment...

27th June 2019

If California were a family, San Francisco would be the ultra-busy tech professional. Los Angeles would unquestionably be the diva of the outfit. And San Diego? They would be the laid back surfer bro who has a healthy addiction to fish tacos. In short, if you want a chilled-out California holiday, San Diego is where it’s at. It has incredible weather, it’s smaller than its two siblings, and its people are in no hurry to get anywhere. You’ll probably need a whip,...

10th June 2019

The city of Miami, Florida is not all glitz and glamour. While it has a reputation of being a party city, this tropical paradise is also an ideal place to relax the body and rejuvenate the spirit. Endless sunshine, warm ocean breezes, and a variety...

31st May 2019

Yes, it is a fact that we all go to Orlando to enjoy and relish in its amusing and indisputably designated...